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To tell the truth.

It’s hard to describe how it feels to be lied to. That was the worst part. The hardest part to understand. To forgive. To acknowledge. I’m not there yet.  708 more words

My Story


Saw you first, forced to flick my head twice
Each glance spun my mind like I was high.

Started noticing to know more about you… 196 more words

The Return

There is a path for all that lives
Yet no one follows the righteous

I’ve committed sins, been led astray
By those, I’ve loved ever timeless… 62 more words


Endurance, Part 2: That Time I Tried to Run 30 Miles

I imagined it would feel like this…

Running mile after mile in a meditative state, drinking in the brisk spring morning as my legs carried me forward. 2,111 more words


Show the World — Orlando Espinosa

Break out of your shell and show the world just how great you can be!

via Show the World — Orlando Espinosa

“You’ve got to show the world who you are before it tells you.” ― Chris Colfer…

27 more words

Tuning Out Enemies

“…they thought to do me harm” —Nehemiah

Nehemiah had enemies on almost every side as he attempted to complete his work (the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem). 252 more words