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"K" is for Kourage

We Three Kings – by artist James C. Christensen

We voted yesterday. We were the only two there. It took only a couple of minutes. It would be hard for me to wait in line now. 478 more words

Day To Day

I wish I was as strong as you.

We all have values, whether we shout about them or quietly live our lives by them. Courage is one of mine. And yet, I’ve always seen courage as more of an ‘aspirational’ value rather than something I am living day to day. 801 more words


Dear, oh dear! It's October!

With the approach of chaotic moments, I strongly hope you, dear October, can be nice to us all. As funny as it may seem, I’m currently drowning in college work but I’m still not freaking out about it – yet; just wait for it, it will be priceless to watch. 166 more words


grace crosses the chasm

Bishop Paul Erickson of the Greater Milwaukee Synod spoke a bit about the story of Lazarus at the rich man’s gate and then shared a story about Conchita, a woman who invited Paul to cross another chasm with her words, “It’s for you, too.” 14 more words



There’s things to miss when one’s alone,

that liquid jolt,

the murmured sighs,

light strokes on the back of neck.

the deep felt crave which sleeps most days… 43 more words


Turned Inside & Out

“Holding the secret was not only a defense against punishment but also a holding back from a next courageous step.” –from, Confession by David Whyte…

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Active Thought

Daily Reflection October 1, 2016

Simple but not easy

John 17:17 Use the truth to make them holy. Your word is truth.

 We have been set free from our old way of living by the truth. 135 more words