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And on This Stage, Miracle Moments

Whatever miracle  you need, it’s actually in your mouth. Yep, right over there with your tongue and those pretty teeth. Can you believe it?  You may think you have no control over what happens next, but you do. 119 more words

BOS Fashion

Dancing with fire

I have been dealing with many people, had my anxiety built up, formed my anger, learnt to persuade, managed to gain trust and alter attitude upon mixing with different types of people yet keeping the kind heart within. 81 more words

Life Of A Retard

Embers of the Afterglow

Turning around to see where I had been

I noticed the sun tending to

the embers of the afterglow.

Etching the memory deep into my mind, and spirit… 54 more words

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times when "Courage The Cowardly Dog” gave you nightmares

  1. When bad CGI had the ability to give you night terrors for weeks.

  2.  When Muriel became possessed by a mattress demon.

  3. When art pieces could suck the life right out of you.

  4. 32 more words

The Rider

There was no saddle, as he gently nudged the horse forward – his favorite, the black and white, long mane so graceful. He shifted slightly, as looked up and in one magnificent motion, they lunged – attacking the hill, the horse snorting his approval. 99 more words


The Power of Positive Thinking...

The concept of positive thinking is not new for anyone. Yet, we often fail to practice such in our daily lives, whether at work or home. 158 more words



I really admire individuals who end up completely broke and still have a courage and hope to wake up, because deep down they know that there is still hope and they can still amend their mistakes. 194 more words