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I’ve been in exactly one play in my life. I was in the eighth grade, and I no longer have any idea why I tried out. 555 more words


In Praise of Comfort Zones

If you spend time on social media, as I do, you probably have come across “comfort zone” posts. These are often accompanied by inspirational photos and quotes from motivational speakers in headsets with flashy smiles like Tony Robbins. 637 more words

Being Brave

What does it mean to ‘be brave‘? There are many professions in which it takes a brave person to carry out their tasks – a fireman for example, risking their life to save another person. 538 more words


Jigsaws and New Beginnings...

Everyone is entitled to a second chance, right? A chance to pick back the pieces and build new connections? I think that has to be true. 1,329 more words


Never live your life base on the opinion,
perspective and philosophy of others.
You are given your own brain to think,
reason and devise your own philosophy… 74 more words

Motivational & Inspirational

Steam, not Smoke - a #poem of waking

Steam, not Smoke

Now the rains have come
and there’s’ no threat of wildfire
for another year, at least, provided
they stay.
May the rains stay. 70 more words


Seeing red 

Everytime I crawl past this construction (Here, they call it, The Alchemist!) , it reminds me of something. The fairy dust of thoughts that keeps getting sidetracked as I walk past it. 378 more words