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Jules Bastien-Lepage: Avatar of Naturalism, 1

Studies of Naturalism, Realism, or Social Realism differ in their definitions, the period during which it flourished, artists and even countries involved, and more. But there is one painter whose work is generally agreed to have dominated Naturalism, at least until his sudden and premature death in 1884: Jules Bastien-Lepage. 1,228 more words


Bringing it all together

Just to remind you where I’m heading:

Image: Still Life with Apples and a Pomegranate, Gustave Courbet, National Gallery, London. Public Domain.

And after thinking about lighting, depth of focus and compostion here is my re-creation of the fruit bowl… 41 more words



In the previous posts, even the arrangement of fruit  is boring compared to Courbet’s. The bowl is much deeper and way too sparsely populated.

Using a shallower bowl, but not having a pomegranate to hand, I’ve used a Bramley cooking apple, thrown in a few easy-peel oranges, and tried to arrange them reasonably artistically. 34 more words


Depth of focus

In Courbet’s original (see earlier post) the bowl of fruit emerges from the darkness. Perhaps I can create a similar effect by manipulating the depth of focus, i.e. 47 more words



The room lighting (see yesterday’s post) is clearly awful, I need a more controlled source. I tried an LED torch, which gives a much more faithful colour rendition than the energy-saving fluorescents in the room, but is very directional, leaving harsh shadows: 51 more words


Still Life

The next few days will be an experiment: I’m setting out to re-create still life paintings in photographs. This is the first phase: the second, more challenging, phase will be to re-imagine them. 100 more words


It takes two: The model and the artist

Emma Dupont, Lise Tréhot, and Hetty Pettigrew are names which probably mean nothing to you, not in comparison with those of Jean-Léon Gérôme, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, or Theodore Roussel, the artists for whom they modelled. 1,239 more words