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Regurgitating- Cannibalising Courbet

Gouache on paper

Gouache on paper

Colour pencil on paper

Felt pen on paper

Recent days have seen a flurry of frantic sketchbook scribbling and reflection, which for now has culminated in some new Cannibalising Courbet studies, as a way of formulating how to realise the scribbled ideas.


The Story in Paintings: Delacroix and the last great histories

I have perhaps been unfairly accusing painters of the nineteenth century of having abandoned narrative works. To redress the balance, this article looks at a couple of narrative paintings by one of the last great history painters, Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863), and concludes by asking whether Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) also painted narrative works. 1,508 more words


Deborah de Robertis Bares All: Performance Art or Exhibitionism?

“Deborah de Robertis is an artist. She was just doing her job. She made a performance and ended up in a police cell. We have to ask what kind of impact this sort of censorship has on the creativity of artists if they have the sword of legal action hanging over them.” 971 more words


Take a hike day!

November 17 is Take a Hike Day! Are you planning on taking a hike today?

“The Meeting” is a painting by French realist painter Gustave Courbet. 60 more words

Book Review: Monet - Lost in Translation, Suzanne Greub (ed)

“Monet – Lost in Translation”
Suzanne Greub, editor
Hirmer Verlag, November/December 2015
Hardback, 29.8 x 24.7 cm (11.7 x 9.7 in), 240 pp., £36.00/$55.00
ISBN 978 3 7774 2428 6… 1,510 more words


Inspired by..

Nice news today that I’ve been included in Saatchi’s ‘Inspired by Impressionism..’ series.

I’m not actually particularly inspired by Impressionism, but last year one of my paintings (‘Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay’, above) was compared to Gustave Courbet by the Curator of French Art at the National Gallery of Scotland. 181 more words