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Diplomacy in the Post E-Mail Age

Although we pride ourselves on a stubborn resistance to the latest technology and the rest of the modern world, and endure merciless kidding about it even from our octogenarian folks, the next President of the United States seems somehow… 538 more words


Bristol Deliveroo Riders Take a Stand

I remember when I first heard of Deliveroo, and thought it would be a great way for cyclists to earn a living doing the thing they love. 278 more words


Don't Deliver To My Back Door

This year I made the genius decision to do all of my Christmas shopping online – there’s no way I would choose to go shopping at this manic time of year with 2 kids under the age of 3 in tow. 485 more words


Poultry - Live Birds - Couriers

by Toni Marie Graham, Hen’Pals Moderator

Here is a list of Couriers for transporting poultry.


Check the news from "The Brief": Delivery firm latest in employment law line of fire

Know more about: “Lawyers for the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain will argue at the London Central Employment Tribunal that couriers working for CitySprint should be granted full rights.” at this… 29 more words



The Cloudclimber is a light, fast Courier capable of flying in atmospheres. The elegant ship takes a pilot and one passenger, so it is a favorite of highly-mobile executives who work in multiple systems. 33 more words



Couriers are Void Ships specialized for quick delivery of messages, small cargo, and passengers. They are the equivalent of the old “pony express”, physically relaying their cargo from sender to recipient. 112 more words