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Why Hello There !

My name is Kim and I have decided to help the people of Perth, Western Australia gain more skills. The reason for this is that I recently went to an interview for a volunteering job where they asked me what skills I had. 299 more words

Spa Manicure Practice

My other half works as a web developer, meaning there is a fair bit of tension that gets held in his hands and wrists. As I was studying for my manicure course, I thought perhaps a spa manicure would help him to relax a little. 52 more words


Free online course in the Borderline Rule in Roman mosaics

Now out, a free online course which explains what the Borderline Rules is and why Roman mosaics have them.
There’s no charge, and it will only take about 30 minutes to go through, just sign up for the newsletter and you can get access straight away. 30 more words


Childhood in the Digital Age - Week 4

This week I completed the fourth and final week of the the Childhood in the Digital Age FutureLearn online course. This weeks focus was upon technology in the future classroom. 114 more words


Become an Arts Insider

Houston has a long history of a flourishing arts scene, and with the community’s support behind them, local arts organizations have big plans ahead. Over the next five years, Houstonians will watch the designs and development of several building projects unfold. 304 more words

Personal Development

Stepping Stones Triple P Behavioral Course: Week 1

So over the last two years Reid has developed some “undesirable behaviours”. They are the kind that enter with a bang and just when we think they are… 560 more words


Starting IELTS preparation course..

Decided to start IELTS preparation course and then pass IELTS test. It all was born in my head not so long ago, I think the test is a great motivation to learn this language till the very end, to move closer to native speakers… Motivation is all about money here) If you pay amount of money just to pass a test, you should pass it and get a good mark just because you don’t want to throw away money! 231 more words