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Coursera Certificates and Other Weekend Stuff

So today I learned that the Coursera certificates look pretty neat. I finished my first course of the Virtual Teacher Specialisation, “Foundations of Virtual Instruction”, and since I can use this for my job, I’m paying for the certificates. 207 more words


MOOC: Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

Here are my notes from Inspiring and Motivating Individuals MOOC from Michigan on Coursera.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/opensourceway/4504724163

Becoming a Visionary Leader

Visionary Leadership


Learning how to learn - part IV

This is the final iteration of my ‘learning how to learn’ series. In this iteration, we will be looking into memory, and some other techniques for a better learning. 894 more words


Learning how to learn - part III

This is the third iteration of my ‘learning how to learn’ series. In this iteration, we will be looking mainly into three topics – Procrastination. Memory, and other techniques for a better learning will be covered in the next and final iteration. 958 more words


Employees moving to digital education platforms (MOOC) like edX, Coursera to gain new skills

The Economic Times | By J Vignesh | ET Bureau | 25 April, 2016 |

BENGALURU: The Innovation Acceleration Program from Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth, led Anupama Subramanian, the executive HR director at Willis Towers Watson, to believe she could play a more transformative role. 538 more words


Data Management and Visualization: Assignment 2

Inspected dataset:

  • Mars craters – marscrater_pds.csv

Inspected variables:

  • NUMBER_LAYERS – number of layers of ejecta
  • MORPHOLOGY_EJECTA_2, MORPHOLOGY_EJECTA_3 – two different morphology type descriptors


I loaded the full dataset (384343 records) and inspected the parameter NUMBER_LAYERS representing number of ejecta layers for each of inspected craters. 304 more words


Learning how to learn - Part II

We learned about few of the learning techniques in the previous post. Here, we will dive into the specifics of the structure and organization of the stored information. 968 more words