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Are you a new teacher or teacher-to-be?

I’m a big fan of Coursera (free online courses, yay)! :) One of my favourite courses on there is called ‘Teaching elementary grades’* 74 more words


Online 'learning-by-doing' courses I attended - was it worth the money?

There are more and more online courses available. The ‘Learning by doing’ are in my particular interest. Here I want to:

– list the courses or sites I attended and write a short summary… 371 more words


Refreshing My Economic Mind

Hey guys!

I decided to start writing this blog because I really miss the mind-stimulation & awareness of the world that studying economics at Occidental College gave me from 2009 – 2013. 460 more words


Making up for univariate [DAI IVb]

This post is an extension of this one, which was (supposed to be) the final post of the coursera course ‘data analysis and interpretation’. This current post extends or complements the previous one because in that assignment I forgot to include univariate graphs in my plot. 625 more words

Data Visualization

Electrifying Brains – Active Electrical Spikes Synapses, Neurons and Brains | Coursera

Hi everyone,

This week I started early and watched the fourth lesson of the “Synapses, neurons and brains” course from Idan Segev, at Coursera.org. It was highly related to the previous lesson, “Electrifying brains — passive electrical signals” and approached the axon side of the synaptic potential, the “Electrifying brains — active electrical spike”. 259 more words


Electrifying Brains –Passive Electrical Signals | Synapses, Neurons and Brains | Coursera

Hi everyone,

Last week I continued my lectures on “Synapses, Neurons and Brains” from Coursera.org. Lesson number three discussed the “Electrifying Brains – Passive Electrical Signals” and how the cells can be viewed as a RC Circuit that allow current to flow from axons to dendrites through a synapse gap. 250 more words


How Did I Become a Software Developer

My name is Viacheslav. I was born in the eastern part of Ukraine and grew up in the largest city and capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. 925 more words