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Neural Networks - scary good :-)

For the last year or so, there has been a steady increase in chatter about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Neural Network when it comes to anything online. After a brief stint with Fuzzy Logic during my undergrad, I never got an opportunity to dig into this topic further, other than keeping myself up to date with current events or milestones like the advent of IBM Watson (Jeopardy), Siri/language processing, self driving cars/various DARPA challenges, DeepBlue (chess), DeepMind (AlphaGo) etc. 164 more words

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Creating simple graphs in Python

This post blog is my submission to the Week 4 Assignment for the Data Management and Visualization course offered in Coursera by Wesleya University. This assignment is a continuation of… 308 more words


Week Four

I found week four of Coursera‘s Chicken Behaviour and Welfare course to be a little more interesting, as we discussed animal welfare.  As a vegetarian, I am always interested in the welfare of animals, especially my own.  347 more words


Entrepreneurship: How to Overcome Barriers

Entrepreneurship: How to Overcome Barriers

By Shlomo Maital

     Antoni Baszczeski, from Poland, has been taking one of my courses on Coursera, the on-line platform. (3 courses are currently running there, comprising a Startup Entrepreneurship specialization). 288 more words

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Loading data and frequencies [DAI -II]

Second assignment for the Coursera Data Management and Visualization ‘challenge’ (here is the introduction). I rename the data management and visualization course to challenge since it has been a bit challenging to keep up with the weekly deadlines (and this is only the second week). 452 more words


Deterministic Selection Algorithm Python Code

Through this post, I’m sharing Python code implementing the median of medians algorithm, an algorithm that resembles quickselect, differing only in the way in which the pivot is chosen, i.e, … 90 more words


How do we learn?

Learning seems to be on everyone’s agenda at the moment, as many law firms are wondering what to do about the new continuing competence regime, now that the legal profession is swapping from hours-based CPD to needs-based learning. 195 more words

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