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Become a part of the Clean India drive

In the year 2011, while participating in the International Camp of Young Environmentalists at Azerbaijan, I realised that the general public’s awareness of technologies is close to nil. 385 more words

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Watch Out World, Millennials are Coming for Your Job.

The millennial generation is booming. And if you were born between 1980 and 2000, you represent over 28% of the U.S. population, clearly the largest share. 645 more words

Bioinformatics as a testbed

Ok, now you feel like functional programming is no longer so esoteric or awkward as it looked just a few weeks ago. What about testing your skills against some real-world problems? 137 more words


Python and Math Education

The type of code that best shows off the power of computers involves math. I wonder whether any coder can succeed without mastery of basic math. 232 more words


MOOCs on functional programming

Want to start learning functional programming? Out there are some MOOCs that can be extremely interesting for you. One word of caution: the investment in terms of money is quite small, but you have to put aside some serious time in order to rip all the benefits from the courses. 109 more words


Niklaus Wirth on teaching programming

Yesterday I watched the video of Dr. Chuck Severance’s “Conversation with Niklaus Wirth” who created PASCAL and pioneered many other programming languages. This 20-minute long video  is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. 49 more words