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Textile Collage at Vancouver Island School of Art

Hi Everybody,

This week I was selected as Artist in Residence for the Kent Harrison Ranger Station. It is a one year position running from September 2015 to August 2016. 98 more words


Abstract of the Week: Treatment Of Myofascial Pain with Deep Dry Needling

This week we’re taking a look the abstract “Treatment of temporomandibular myofascial pain with deep dry needling.” As you may know, Temporomandibular dysfunction is often associated with myofascial pain and can be challenging to treat successfully. 387 more words

Manual Physical Therapy

Introduction to Tai Chi & Health Qigong – Autumn 2015

This course is suitable for complete beginners, introducing them to a highly beneficial way to exercise combining body movement and mental stimulation. The gentle movements energise the body without placing undue strain on joints and muscles. 53 more words


Giants of the North: the music of Nielsen and Sibelius – Autumn 2015

The two great Scandinavian composers, the Dane, Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) and the Finn, Jean Sibelius, (1865-1957) were born in the same year, exactly 150 years ago.    55 more words


Maps: exploring and recording the world at home and away – Autumn 2015

Maps are in everyday use, as aids to navigation on land and sea, as illustrations for news broadcasts, as attractive decorative objects in their own right, yet the work that goes into their creation is often unnoticed.  69 more words


An introduction to forensic psychology – Autumn 2015

This introductory course will provide you with a basis for understanding crime, criminal behaviour and criminal justice. The tutor will present a range of psychological theories, viewpoints, and case studies relating to why offenders commit certain crimes. 61 more words


Talking literature: Innocence … – Autumn 2015

“The innocent……hath no enemy but time”. Can innocence be depicted without the contrast of experience?

Through the texts The Age of Innocence (Wharton), The Harpole Report (JL Carr), Reunion (Uhlman) and The Music Room (Fiennes), we will study and evaluate authors’ explorations of the different aspects of innocence. 39 more words