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What does the Supreme People's Court's new judicial transparency policy mean?

In late November (2018), the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) issued its latest transparency policy. The question is, after reading past the references to the 19th Party Congress and the ideology guiding this document, is what, if anything new does it require of the lower courts (and of itself)? 1,445 more words

Connecting Cognitions: Courts and Mental Illness

The Healing Practice of Law  in Action: Mental Health in Problem Solving Court 

By Emily Blitzer, CFCC Student Fellow (2018-2019) 

The Baltimore City Mental Health Court (“BCMHC”) operates within the confines of the Baltimore City District Court system, but its purpose is to provide meaningful justice to criminal offenders with mental health issues. 353 more words

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What significance does China's updated court law have?

The National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee recently revised the Organic Law of the People’s Courts (People’s Courts Law, English translation available at Chinalawtranslate.com), the framework law by which the Chinese courts operate.  1,606 more words

Why FDR's court-packing plan "failed"

Among the most devastating long-term impacts that Donald Trump’s wretched presidency will have on the United States is its entrenchment of movement conservatism on the Supreme Court. 1,267 more words

Idaho's Problem: Overcrowding or Over Sentencing?

It is no mystery to any one that Idaho’s prisons are bursting at the seams.  State Prisoners are also backing up in to County Jails pushing much of the cost burdens on to local County Budgets.  1,467 more words

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Transforming the Justice system - views from the National Audit Office

In this blog, I have tried to keep readers abreast of developments with the major Transformation of the Justice system programme. I have observed that this is not always easy and depends on keeping an eye out for press releases, blogs and now the new monthly e-bulletin issued by HM Courts and Tribunals Service. 706 more words

Chapter 5

Transforming the Justice system - maintaining the estate; answering the phones; better listing

I have noted many of the developments that are currently taking place within  courts and tribunals, arising from the Transformation programme that has been on-going for the past couple of years. 309 more words

Chapter 5