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IAALS seeks new CEO

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver (IAALS), one of the premier legal reform organizations in the United States, is seeking a new CEO. 60 more words

Interview with Joseph Leventis Esq. on Domestic Violence

Joseph Leventis Esq.

We interviewed Joseph Leventis Esq. from Leventis Law firm on the subject of Domestic Violence in South Carolina. Mr. Leventis was a Solicitor for Richland County for 3 years and now works with his Father who has practiced law for nearly 40 years as a defense attorney. 21 more words

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Supreme People's Court's Bench Memoranda?

Justice Ginsburg’s article “Workways of the United States Supreme Court” and recent correspondence with brother blogger Mark Cohen has led me to reflect on what is known (and what I know) about how cases progress through the Supreme People’s Court (SPC). 1,087 more words

Communist Party And The Courts

The cravenness of Democratic "Court reform" proposals

The Supreme Court is doing its job and winning public support. Some Democrats are despondent.

Last week, The Hill published an op-ed by by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, lamenting the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on abortion rights, immigration, and workplace discrimination.

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Family Court Judge Holds Hearing at Litigant's Home, Seizes Property Without a Warrant

“I’ve never seen anything like this before, so needless to say, I’m still researching the mountain of issues here…” – Attorney John H. Bryan

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On reforming the Supreme Court

Russell Wheeler at the Brookings Institution has taken a detailed look at the various proposals to reform the composition of the U.S. Supreme Court, from court-packing to term limits. 413 more words

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