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The Tom Brady Meme...Loving it!

Tom Brady has found out it doesn’t take much from just being thought as one of the best QB’s in the NFL to being an Internet meme! 47 more words


His story

“This is his story.” the prosecutor rumbled.  “The truth is much more sinister…”

Carol typed automatically, flawlessly, and without thinking.  She didn’t need to watch her fingers, the courtroom, or the tape anymore, she could, quite literally, have done this job with her eyes closed.  505 more words

Creative Writing Experiments

USING TRANSCRIPTS OF AUDIO RECORDINGS DURING TRIAL - The "Olkon" Cautionary Jury Instruction & Protecting Your Court Reporter (15-11)

GENERAL RULE:  Transcripts of audio recordings to be played during trial may be provided to the jury to help the jury or judge understand what is being said in the recording. 102 more words


If I start a personal injury lawsuit, how much of my time will the lawyer need?

The process for a personal injury lawsuit is quite standard, with the discovery period being the lengthiest part of the process. This can take up to a year to complete as both sides in the case prepare questions and collect evidence. 263 more words

Edward J. Rebenack

wow fplt

Today, I started the day by reviewing lesson 1 and redoing the practice drill.  Then I spent the next 4 hours on lesson 2.  Memorization of the new letters was pretty quick; however, putting them into practice with new words proved to be a bit more challenging.   230 more words