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Hardwicke hosts launch of eDisclosure Law and Practice

OUP has published Electronic Disclosure Law and Practice by Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin of Hardwicke.

Although I suggested (in my article here) that the authors might be “miffed” by the coincidence that the book should reach the shelves at the same time as new rules were announced, I went on to observe that there is much else in the book which will survive the replacement of one set of rules with another. 334 more words


New disclosure rules – links and commentary from Gordon Exall

Barrister Gordon Exall, the author of the invaluable Civil Litigation Brief, has now put more than 2,000 posts on the blog.

He has done more than provide an essential service for all those who grapple with civil procedure. 80 more words


Proposition 47 makes stealing a car worth $950 or less a misdemeanor offense, court rules

A person convicted of a felony for stealing a car may have that conviction reduced to a misdemeanor if the vehicle was worth no more than $950, the California Supreme Court decided unanimously Thursday. 26 more words

EU citizens keep immigration rights in UK, court rules

EU nationals who become British citizens do not lose the right to bring a foreign-born spouse to the UK, the European Court of Justice has ruled. 218 more words

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Germany must allow third gender option in registry of births, court rules

The country will become the first to offer a third choice other than “male” or “female.”



from USATODAY – News Top Stories… 7 more words

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