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Just Might

Contempt of the court
you may have
but must never show it
an outright display
destroys the illusion
we all know
at the magic show… 169 more words


Ireland once again shows the way!....are we capable of obliterating another ingrained fallacy...

…the Monetary System! Ireland has stepped up to the plate again in relation to breaking new ground, whether you were on the one side or the other this past weekend doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, what will be will be but, while we are on the subject of Equality, would we be so brave as to tackle the subject of the Monetary System / Monetary Equality with such gusto, for that would be a challenge of truly epic and biblical proportions, for therein lies the truest form of inequality that has ever faced Humanity, therein lies the basis for all human misery and death from sickness, war and deprivation. 524 more words


Justice O'Donnell is dragging his feet on BMHA ruling

Mayor Byron Brown’s five appointments to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s board of commissioners were made illegally, alleges the tenant elected Housing Commissioner Joe Mascia. In accordance with the articles of incorporation that govern the authority, Commissioners are to have staggered terms, to ensure that the board retains institutional memory overtime. 284 more words

Joe Mascia

Wisconsin deputy sent to institution for killing wife, sister-in-law

A former Dane County sheriff’s deputy will spend the foreseeable future in a state mental institution after a judge ruled Friday that he is a danger to himself and others, according to the  370 more words


Siding with Heaven

Watching televised court coverage of a cop’s manslaughter trial, I feel the tension of judgment heaped on this police officer and the elusiveness of justice in human courts. 116 more words