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There’s something that happens when the right woman enters the life of a man. Her presence commands an edification in his life. Check out this latest teaching from my youtube channel!


2652. — Strategy for Courtship — 05: Where Women Go Wrong—I

Women should treat courtship as a process, theirs. Not men, but relationship experts are the natural processors, the shapers, the bosses who seek courtship success. 823 more words

Dear Daughter

What’s a single girl to do when marriage takes too long?

Valentine’s day has come and gone, and for many singles, it was an affliction to an otherwise normal month; the one day out of the 365 when everyone makes a big deal about the one thing they do not have; a… 1,843 more words

This Week

Marriage won't change his bad habits

This book I’m currently reading – ‘ preparing for marriage’ is everything. I had to pause and quickly share with you guys what I just read. 252 more words

Did God Tell You That He Was The One? 

Hey ladies!

Thank you all so much for the love and feedback.  I am proud to announce The God Given Husband Ebook is live NOW… 887 more words


Courtship in the Modern World

“A courtship is more than just one man and one woman joining their lives together. It involves the physical and spiritual family to which they’re connected-the community of people who witness, affirm, protect, and celebrate their love.” 1,644 more words


2651. Strategy for Courtship — 04: Expectations 1-10

Women love to share their love of someone. Many intuitively find it difficult not to do so. OTOH, men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Without his having earned whatever she gives—e.g., love or other signs of her appreciation of him—it will at least be under appreciated and may be meaningless to him. 635 more words

Dear Daughter