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Grab Your Boy and Get Lost Together

Warning…warning. Hopeless romantic post ahead.

Have you ever been lost with your lover in a good way? Not in a Oh my God where are we, and who are those bad people approaching us… 832 more words


Courtship and Dating? Not for me! Here's why.

A dear friend of mine said a guy is currently courting her. I usually won’t mind and feel happy for her however, I personally know the guy and he’s not who he says he is. 715 more words


Flirting: An Acrostic Manual

  • F is for ‘FLIRT’
    ‘Flirt’ comes from the Latin ‘flirtiori’ which means “What a teasing hair flick, baby damn!”The basic act of flirting encapsulates all actions intended to pique the interest of a prospective mate.
  • 1,006 more words

Time is of the Essence

September 7, 2014 was my wedding. Well, at least in my mind it was. I had planned it all out and based on the way a relationship was going years ago, I thought it was a sure-fire thing. 172 more words


Creeping At The Gym

Is it ever appropriate to holler at a chick at the gym?

If there is a right time to do so, then I don’t know of such things. 586 more words


2263. Compatibility Axioms #871-880

871. The hotter the man, the more victims he leaves in his trail. But don’t blame him. More women try to please him without his having interest in them. 241 more words

Dear Daughter

The Sound of Tender Breaking

“Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

It was the sound of tender breaking,

what He whispered on that tree.

The sound of tender breaking, 131 more words