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The Etiquette of a Butch

One of the fun parts of being a butch lesbian is playing with traditional gender norms and making them our own weird and beautiful brand of expression. 1,037 more words

Sissy Tomboy

What Happens When You Give Your Guy The ‘Mood-Swing’ Attitude

Babe, you are having a very beautiful relationship except that every now and then some little misunderstanding creeps in that spoils the fun. This ushers in your prolong ‘silent punishment’, you are not breaking the relationship but you just want to ‘show’ him how to treat a woman. 714 more words


Focus on Positives.

Adam and Eve

Focus on Positives.

Sometime during our courtship my wife and I had a discussion. I complained about some things that she did and she also complained about some things I did. 654 more words


A Few Things I Miss About the Single Life

Is it too premature for me to write about missing the single life? Not missing it as in – I wanna go back there. I had a good 3.5 year run at it. 533 more words


Scary Close (review)

Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Acquiring a Taste for True Intimacy by Donald Miller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“These are snapshots of the year I spent learning to perform less, be myself more, and overcome a complicated fear of being known,” writes Donald Miller in the first chapter of… 386 more words

Book Reviews

Seven Steps to Artful Dating

As the winds of change swirl mischievously beneath the cascading waterfalls of my life, gently lifting their aquadescent droplets into the heavens where they merge, as an arc, with the Galactic Sun; I got lost within the cosmic color fun. 613 more words


A Madrigall

The byrds in glorious song declare
Theyr bolde affections thwart the ayre.
    Chirp they so merrily;
    Chirp they so cheerily;
    Chirp they whilest verily
        I wilt so wearily.

^ ^