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2669. Superior and Dominant Genders — 02

Women are victims of conventional wisdom. It actually sucks the life out of a solid marriage.

Domestic issues keep women frustrated, relationships in turmoil, and men dissatisfied with women. 444 more words

Dear Daughter

Take yourself on a date; five ways to date you!

You’ve had a stressful week and you deserve a night out on the town but you’re single and your best friends are with their boyfriends and vice verses. 240 more words


The Courtship of the Wind and Desert

I’m but a pathetic being
Incarcerated within a love that’s long gone.
Much like a sandstorm blowing across the desert;
In the same vein as you dancing across my heart; 46 more words

Prose & Poetry

Things couples must do together before they tie the knot! #CourtshipChecklist

We know you’re overwhelmed & you’re excitement levels are skyrocketing right now cause you’ve finally found the one!

But marriages aren’t easy, relationships aren’t easy in general. 631 more words

Episode 5: Like an oldtime military overcoat

Our first date lasted two days. The 2nd one, four. The 3rd was five nights long, and so was the 4th, from which I’ve just returned. 1,499 more words


Tea Parties, Courtships and my stupid sister Ivy

An icy cold ivory skinned hand shook me awake before my seven am alarm. I turned to my side and threw my rose quilt over my head, hoping my sister Ivy would forget.

574 more words