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2466. Journey to Feminine — Group 17

I open this post with a paradox. Because love is so vital to the female psyche, they think it equally important to men. Not so. A woman’s admiration is far more influential than her love, when it comes to focusing a man’s attention on a woman. 601 more words

Dear Daughter

The Unbearable Lightness

If I hadn’t clipped the wing of one of the terns I could retire from photographing terns.

This aerial ballet is part of their courtship. It also  involves feeding a fish to the future mate. 59 more words


The return of the mad Dater

Hello readers, pardon my absence, I was stricken with flu, or to put is as my son say, ” I was  on the bed of affliction.” 424 more words

Random Thoughts

The wrought way to do things.

This is where it went wrong:
you thought you saw through me.
You could have known me
but you decided
that I’m simply like everyone else… 261 more words


Kipper card 4 - Get Together (Courtship).

Kipper card 4 is often a card about groups. It stands for social events, gatherings and all kind of reunions.

When it shows up, social life is to come. 114 more words


2463. Journey to Feminine — Group 15

I continue trying to make feminine-think more beneficial to women than feminist-think.

  • Listen closely to what men have to say about their gender as if it’s all great news.
  • 441 more words

I Wish: Beatrix's Story

CC image courtesy of Flickr, Georgie Pauwels.

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Beatrix” is a pseudonym.

I loved being homeschooled; overall it was a very positive experience for me. 1,600 more words