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2635. How to Love a Man, or Not

Her Highness Beloved triggers this post. We previously differed on this point. Men learn how to love a woman from mothers, girls, and other women in their lives. 1,059 more words

Dear Daughter

I Don't Deserve To Be Loved Like That

I desire to be married someday.

I have to make first that bold statement to remind myself that I am a woman with natural desires. But I have a natural inclination to pull and walk away now when I feel or see that a relationship is getting deeper than the usual. 671 more words

God Said

The exceptional choice

Why some of us still wish it had been Jo and Laurie…

By Trix Wilkins

Louisa May Alcott chose Friedrich Bhaer for Jo March in… 746 more words

Effort Is A Reflection of Interest...

“I’ve just been so busy with work.”

“If you can’t understand that I had a life before you…”

“I got your phone calls; I answer every third time you call.” 575 more words

Intellectual Stimulation

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What I wish I would have known five years ago, hell, two years ago. Those moments when I was broke or needed a haircut or wasn’t happy I ignored some really cool women, blew them off because I couldn’t “impress” them. And now I realize that making an effort to simply let your interest be known matters way more than appearances. Some of my best encounters have been meeting and walking at the park, eating candy and people watching. Going to happy hours with twenty dollars in my pocket and two dollar margaritas. When you make the effort and you’re confident and honest and she see’s that you’re not where you want to be but everyday is a step forward. She’ll appreciate it and you may have only spent 15 dollars plus a tip but you paid the bill and were wearing really good cologne while doing it.

2633. Universal Motivators: Compatible Love and Sex Drives

Many major motivators come out of our biological history; all provided to ensure that our species doesn’t die off. They shape our lives more dramatically than women realize or men care. 748 more words

Dear Daughter

On Love Poems...

Today I’m writing a love poem to My Senator. Because we both are hopeless romantics, and we enjoy exchanging poetry.

A Lily in the Snow… 536 more words

Future Husband

2632 — Universal Motivators: The Grand Design

Again, pardon the hubris for presuming to know what God intended. But this is the conclusion I draw from how humans have acted and reacted over the millennia. 149 more words

Dear Daughter