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Just another love story. Part Seven: the narcissist goes in, guns blazing

This was the plan: Blue Eyes would return home with his parents after graduation. He was scheduled for intestinal surgery a few days later. I would stay at school and work my job. 3,381 more words

Married To A Sex Addict

Who has the key to you heart?

The question you should be asking yourself, do you have the key to your heart or does the lord have the key to your heart.
~Painted rainbows


Just another love story. Part six: Blue Eyes graduates college

Well, it’s been a while, but I feel that urge again to dip back into the memory banks of mine and Blue Eyes first years together. 2,509 more words

Married To A Sex Addict

Red Flags: Volume One

Red Flags: a series of anecdon’ts–stories, both nonfictional and fictional, about the ways that relationships can NOT come to fruition. Each story is a collection of moments that exist at the meeting point of ‘sweet’ and ‘sour’. 1,259 more words

Fictional Accounts

Highly Illogical, Poetry by Gun Roswell

“It is curious how often humans manage to obtain that which they do not want” Mr Spock

Genre: Relationship, Rhyme, Courtship

Highly Illogical

I find You… 123 more words


Fresh or Stale Relationship Advice For Men [A MUST READ]

He who finds a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from God (Holy Bible).

Always remember that your wife is the second in command citizen in the family ranking. 137 more words

Motivation ! Inspiration