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Changing Mating Patterns Today

What are some of the big trends changing our mating patterns today?

Women have always held the key to evolution by their choices.

Such choices have involved great challenges. 11 more words


Which Comes First in Romantic Relationship: Friendship or Courtship?

Which comes first as an effective strategy to establish a romantic ties with the person that one loves?

The guy must first befriend the girl and then court her after she has shown enough trust to him? 1,143 more words


Dating or Courting?

Humorous yet insightful article; here are some highlights.

“As a pastor, over the years I had my fair share of people approach me to find out if we were a “courtship” church or a “dating” church. 488 more words


In Times of Trouble There Is Always an Outcome

Facing troubles? There is always a way out of trouble. The only problem is that when we find ourselves in that specific situation, we do not want to look at all the options available to us. 527 more words


11 Biggest Signs that Women are in Love with Men


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In this post, we will identify and describe briefly the popular nonverbal signs and indirect verbal moves by women to show that they want a romantic relationship with some men. 1,343 more words


Just Before You Go into That Relationship...

There is a certain stage we get to, that somewhere in our consciousness, we believe it is time to be in a relationship. In reality, there are many reasons why this happens. 1,496 more words


How to Guard your Heart ♥️

Let me talk to my fellow ladies who are so full of love and passion but often end up with a wrong guy. To those ladies who wants to end up with a man who will marry you and build a home or a family with you, this is for you. 1,410 more words