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To Wait and Stay In Love

Do not awaken love until it so desires

(Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. –Ps. 8:4, NIV)

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Birds Walk on Water

By Jane J. Lee

If you think dating is hard, be glad you’re not a grebe. These North American waterbirds have high standards when it comes to attracting and keeping a mate: If either a male or female grebe can’t “walk” on water, they’re out of luck. 424 more words


Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Making Good Decisions About Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations like unhealthy relationships, and we cannot see the danger of staying even though everyone around us can. When your parents have a bad gut feeling, or your friends just dislike your partner, there’s often a good reason behind it. 1,164 more words

Thoughts On Life

Have Men Gotten Lazy?

My girlfriend and I were talking about our on-line dating experiences when I said to her that “Men have gotten lazy. I’ve been to a bar with one or two women having a drink and made eye contact with a man he still didn’t come over to introduce himself. 177 more words

Trials in the Perfect World

Hernan aligned his Perfect World Patch on the slots embedded on his forehead. Once the microscopic plugs fitted through their appropriate sockets, the Perfect World Patch penetrated Hernan’s mind and begun stimulating and recalibrating perceptions of light, sound, odor, temperature, balance, and body chemicals. 2,815 more words


2185. Dating in Mid-life — Part D9: Closing Notes and Tips

It isn’t news. Dating in mid-life is a female-designed development to capture a man for life. The older the man, the easier the capture. This series closes with a few miscellaneous tips that previously didn’t make the cut. 1,196 more words

Dear Daughter