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Police Record Starting Early - "'1-Day-Old Hitchhiker" ~Newsday, August 21, 1963

Yes, my adoption story was one I didn’t find the full truth about until about 20+ years ago.

And to be completely truthful here, I am still awaiting some truths. 660 more words


Siblings who are BFF will totally get this!

1. There is zero awkwardness because you already know all their weird habits

2. They know exactly what to say to convince your mom about something… 145 more words


Twitter Is Rallying Behind This Little Girl Who Went Jogging Because Her Crush Called Her 'Fat'

If you think that the societal pressures of physical perfection envelop girls in their teens, you’d better think again. In actuality, this sort of tension starts at a very early age. 673 more words


For Shame!


Because ya know — ya gotta laugh at your Self some times and I’m laughing heartily at me right now. Why? Because I was SO excited for the year to begin so I could begin my Hobonichi Journey. 446 more words


24 March 1797: epistolary privacy & nothing new

J’ai reçu ta lettre toute décachetée, mon cousin, et quoique nous ne disions rien qui ne soit à dire, et que nous n’ayons rien à cacher, parce que nous n’avons rien de mauvais dans le coeur, il m’est infiniment désagréable de n’avoir pas la fleur de tes épîtres, et qu’un oeil curieux et indifférent les parcoure avant moi. 135 more words


भाई- बहन

Selfless love of brother & sister. I dedicate this post to Harshita Garg who wants to express her feeling towards her cousins through me.

भाई बहन का नाता,
होता हैं अनमोल।
लड़ते झगड़ते,
एक दूसरे की, खोल देते ये पोल।
खुट्टा कर, एक दूसरे से,
रहते ये फिर भी साथ में.
बनती खुशियों की लकीर,
इनसे ही तो हाथ में।

Prerna Mehrotra


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend funeral of his cousin's Ricky Anderson's toddler son

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West joined mourners for the funeral of his cousin Ricky Anderson’s son Avery on Friday.
The 17-month-old died in his sleep a week ago, having shown no previous signs of illness.  107 more words