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My baby cousin

I love my cousin.

I speak to her every day, about anything and everything we want or need to. If I’m to be honest she’d have to be my best friend, or closest family member/ person of interest. 308 more words

footnote to "me too"

That was also the weekend I made a major shift in my life.

I spent the weekend with my cousin. Booked a trip to Cuba.  Decided to buy a car.  14 more words

Left Without Goodbye

To My Viewers:

In my first blog, I came forward stating my blogs will not be diary pieces. In the last post, before this one, I said I wanted to learn how to love others and situations – even when I have every reason not to. 629 more words



Forgiveness is a choice not contingent on whether your perpetrator has asked for it or not, but soley dependent on how free you want to be, in this moment; moving forward. 46 more words

Entry 13 (9:30pm, SAT, OCT 21, 2017)

Good evening everyone! I’m staying the night at my Papa’s house with my cousin, Mikah, who is making smacking sounds while drinking his coffee just to annoy me. 34 more words

Holding Babies

I met another new member of my extended family today – my Godbrother’s (also my cousin) son. It’s such a blessing to share this special time of raising children with my cousins. 52 more words

Everyday Blessings

Oh, my long-lost cousin!

I had lunch with a long-lost cousin;
we both ordered salmon
and steaks for our mums:
two sisters sat across two near-sisters,
each unspooling a thread… 114 more words