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Sitting at Jesus’ Feet (Luke 10:40)

Martha loved Jesus dearly and would have done anything for Him. her struggle came in being still! Martha spent so much time serving Jesus that she had no time to enjoy His company or to get to know Him better. 250 more words

Loved Ones

Celebrating a Life

Today I’m remembering a solo journey I took back in 2009 to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My desire was to visit the place that had been significant for my mother. 893 more words


"Yesterday When I Was Young," Roy Clark

At my cousins’ apartment in New York City, I was in the bedroom talking about Bobby Sherman. My cousin Lucy was trying to explain why he was so good. 964 more words


Why We Have Value (John 1:12)

In a commencement address to a graduating class at Miami University, columnist George Will gave some statistics that help to diminish our sense of self-importance. He pointed out that “the sun around which Earth orbits is one of perhaps 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, which is a piddling galaxy next door to nothing much. 199 more words


To My Cousins: What I Wish You Knew

A morbid beginning, but I think from a young age, I learned what death meant; I learned how much our lives were structured around this moment; I learned that you needed people, I learned the importance of family, I learned the feeling of loving and giving, hurting and not receiving, but also the power of being the example you wanted. 914 more words


#1006 Generational girl parallels

Life is funny in the parallels it sometimes throws at you, isn’t it?

Today there were two girls, sitting happily side by side… and later walking with love and happiness, holding hands. 146 more words


Halloween Happenings 2018

We had lots of fun preparing for and celebrating Halloween together this year.  Mario and Luigi were quite the pair.Early in the month, we visited our favorite pumpkin patch on a beautiful day… along with what seemed like half of the other residents of Snohomish County.  327 more words