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They Believed God's Word: Devotion for Monday August 26, 2019

Devotion for Monday
August 26, 2019

Topic: They
Believed God’s Word

Text: Exodus

text is contradictory to what we have in Exodus 6:6 – 9 as the Israelites did… 317 more words



You can do more, if you allow me to do the work. Confess, repent, forgive. This is the cycle, this is the way to MY heart.

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Breathe, Breathe. Take a breath. It is finished. What I have done, needs not be done again.

The victory is won and you are my spoils, my trophy.

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Abram's confirmation of the promises of land and offspring

The same as yesterday, today is about the promises the Lord had for Abram. As I mentioned yesterday, the Lord gave Abram confirmation after confirmation that this is, indeed, the promises He had for him. 473 more words


Stop taking my grace for granted! My grace is overflowing and in vast abundance, you will never be cut off.

Grace has become your crutch, for sins you are capable of resisting.

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Word Scripture


Do you think, I am bound by religion? Can the worship of a false god, hinder the One True and Living God?

Do not impose the limitations of your carnal mind on me.

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I did it for Love. You reject me, because you feel unloveable.

This is the original lie told in the garden. The serpent’s voice was heard over mine.

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