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Guernica- Final Film

The final task for this module asks us to create a four to six minute long film using only diegetic sound and no music whatsoever. There mustn’t be any hand-held camera work and we must use both artificial and natural light in the film. 986 more words


Loss:Remake- Creating a Relationship Remake

The Loss:Remake artifact is part of the Remake and Creating a Relationship tasks. The Remake task asks us to re-film and-or re-edit one of the previous tasks that we had created. 731 more words


360MC: Artefact Critical Analysis – CW1 Submission (Imagine)

The artefact that I’ll be focusing on in this critical analysis is my imagination piece, which I’ve titled ‘Reality is overrated’ from the audience watching this video they should interpret from the title of the video that what they are about to witness won’t be the a traditional beginning to end narrative. 1,866 more words


Guest Feature: Writing Poetry by Joe Bennett

By Joe Bennett

Writing free-form poetry is like asking your soul to somehow take a pen and simply write down whatever it thinks. It’s spilled thoughts; it’s like spilling ink onto a page that forms the most beautiful linguistic patterns that completely capture your truest intentions and emotions, captivating your readers in the most fascinating of ways. 1,017 more words

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360MC: Creative Artefact 3 - Imagine

In relation to my surrealism research for this creative artefact i’ve applied it from pen to paper with my final creative artefact, with a range of different exposures throughout the video accompanied by a wide variety of colours and pixilation to add to the effect of the videos and give the audience an eye watering video to watch with very little context so it’s up to the audience watching to interpret the narrative of the video. 178 more words


#360MC // Critical Analysis

La Boîte à Oeufs simple translates to ‘The Egg Box’. My first creative artefact was the link humans create between emotions and inanimate objects and how this affects us mentally and emotionally with the help of the media industry. 2,020 more words

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