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Film Results

Having shot my six sets of images I took the photos to be developed at Max Spielmann, because we don’t have a colour processor at the university. 345 more words


161MC - The Broadcast Project



The brief is to make a studio based ‘magazine programme’

Definition: A magazine programme is similar to a new stand magazine. Made up of a collection of ‘items’ (articles). 181 more words


Pesquisadores da Coventry University vão ao Rio para investigar os Paraolímpicos

Os pesquisadores Dr Ian Brittain e Dr Leonardo Mataruna estão no Rio de Janeiro para coletar dados sobre os Jogos Paraolímpicos de 2016. O estudo está investigando o impactos das modalidades paraolímpicas, assim como as alterações que serão promovidas na cidade devido a realização do megaevento. 104 more words

Jogos Olímpicos E Paraolímpicos

Seba Kurtis

Another artist that I chose to look at in relation to my project was Seba Kurtis. I found some really interesting projects on his website, but the one that stood out the most to me was his series… 223 more words


Damaging Techniques - Thomas Anderson

While investigating techniques to alter disposable cameras, I came across a featured artist on the Top 20 camera hacks page called Thomas Anderson.

The link featured on the page took you to a set of his images he took on a disposable camera which he then threw it into a swimming pool. 244 more words


Disposable Cameras

Along with my artist research I need to research into the physical processes I have decided to use. I decided right at the beginning of the project that I wanted to shoot on disposable cameras. 536 more words


Nikki S. Lee

As part of my research for picbod I want to explore how identity is presented in photography. There have been several artists that have investigated identity through their photographs, and one really important person who did this was Nikki S. 436 more words