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Exciting Times Ahead!!

Introducing the new Coventry University movie club society, where fans of film and cinema can meet up and discuss their interests in the world of the silver screen. 147 more words

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#260MC: The Silver Lining

http://www.mind.org.uk/ Organisation for mental health

http://www.coventry.ac.uk/study-at-coventry/student-support/health-and-wellbeing/counselling-and-mental-health-service/ Coventry counselling & mental health services

Media Instillation: Visuals and Sound, 6-8 screens with projectors

Location: Fargo Village – … 336 more words

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162: Treatment of American Horror Story: Clones

The Treatment

Title: American Horror Story: Clones

The clones have been on the run for a long time, it is no secret that they are wanted for scientific experiments. 352 more words

Dictatorship and the Archive

“Nothing is less clear than the word ‘archive’” says Derrida (1996 in Manoff 2004: 10). The standard definition of the word according the Oxford Dictionary is “the place where historical documents or records are kept”. 1,114 more words

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Walking to University

Two weeks ago, in the module M68MC Post-Photography, we explored the emergence of story-telling methodologies and trans-media approaches, along with its implications on contemporary photographic discourse. 159 more words

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Material Culture

Last week in the M93MC Material Cultures module, we discussed the role of material objects in our lives, their significance and even their subjectivity. As part of the weekly task, we were asked to empty our bags, take a picture of what we were carrying in it and place the photograph in our blogs to reflect on it. 398 more words

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Post-Digital Archive

Last week in the M97MC lecture the whole class was introduced with the concept of “post-digital publication” and I must admit I was quite confused by it. 867 more words

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