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#201MC: Freelance - StillSpinning


Still Spinning has been established for over a year with the main purpose of the website being around finding the latest music on the internet, recently StillSpinning has been getting involved with record labels sending over albums and EP’s before public release for them to be reviewed and shared on the website. 304 more words

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#201MC: Freelance - KONG: Independent Fashion Retailer

The last promotional video i made freelance was for a fashion store based in the town centre of Coventry called ‘KONG’ which recently re-designed their entire store so they wanted the whole process from start to finish. 294 more words

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#201MC: Freelance - Entertainment Bros.

Another freelance project i underwent was a independent gaming outlet based in Fargo Village, with them only recently setting up camp at the independent village in a small container i thought i would help them with a small one minute promotional video of the shop and the items they specialise and sell. 265 more words

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#201MC: Freelance - Coventry University Men's & Women's Football Videos

While freelancing i wanted to get involved with a sports related project, with football being the main sport i spectate and compete in my spare time,  an opportunity with the Coventry University football teams popped up seeking new promotional material for their social media pages for freshers and new recruits, when contact was established with the mangers of the teams they were thrilled to hear that that new content was being created for their teams and clubs. 242 more words

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#201MC: Freelance - Frank Harvey HiFix Coventry (RSD 2016)

This freelance project was a promotional video for Frank Harvey HiFix Coventry, a local based electronic appliances/record store based on the outskirts of the town centre. 287 more words

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#202MC: How Important is Intellectual Property

Total cap value + Physical Assets + Financial + Intangible Assets.

  • Intellectual Capital
  • Intellectual Assets
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business Relationships
  • Reputation
  • Branding Contractual
  • Agreements Knowhow

Types of Property… 30 more words

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Glossybox Review: April 2016

By Robyn Western

Amid the doom and gloom of April Showers and a month of deadlines for many of us students, Glossybox was the most perfect distraction. 1,145 more words