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Presentation Research and Planning

Our goal for this assignment is to deliver a presentation on the character we have created as a missing person. In order to do this we thought of the different ways she could have gone missing and different ways to present said information. 538 more words

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My Fanfiction Script

Henry Jenkins said, “…fan fiction emerges from a balance between fascination and frustration.” For my fanfiction script I tried to think of any fiction that I enjoyed but had disappointed or frustrated me in any way, so that I could re-create it in a way I would enjoy better. 396 more words

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Production Roles


I started my preparation for this role by looking into how sound is used in the horror genre. Looking at the movies IT(2017) Get Out(2017) and Jaws(1975). 579 more words

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Article 51: Triggered - Pitch

Destiny Child hasn’t got a single clue about the political system in the UK. Having just turned 18, and the EU referendum hot on her heels, she has a decision to make. 38 more words

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Fan fiction is fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, book, game etc., using existing characters and situations to develop new plots. The writers can change as many, or as little elements of the original fiction as they please in order to create their plot. 544 more words

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Doctor Who theme's co-creator honoured with posthumous PhD

Career of Delia Derbyshire, an under-appreciated electronic music pioneer, recognised by hometown university

The under-appreciated electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who topic is to be honoured posthumously with a doctorate from her hometown university as the programme gears up for the debut of its… 569 more words


Sound - Research

The sound is a vital element of cinema and has a damaging effect to media when done poorly. Sound is used for mood, effect and atmosphere in media. 448 more words

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