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#262MC : Radio Room Workshop (L2)

Today we looked at the second radio room which is more of a formal room to use for interviews and radio drama’s with five microphones in one room it gives us huge potential to create a really dynamic radio drama with around three to four people being different characters and making the production value more interesting and less broad. 339 more words

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#262MC : Format Production (L3) Forms of Radio


In this lesson we are looking into sounds of radio and the production values of radio drama’s, one of the example we looked at was  535 more words

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#262MC: Format Productions (L2) - Great Speech Is What Radio Is About

Vic Minett (02/10/2015)


Listening to the radio show above, we listened to how a Friday show works and what makes it more appealing to the audience wanting to listen to radio at ten in the morning, having the presenter welcome the listeners to listening to the show is one of the first thing the presenter should say over air as the programme starts. 365 more words

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#262MC : Format Production - Radio Research (Coventry Murders)

For this task we have to research into Coventry murders and look into the stories in depth and from this we have to come up with a radio drama, quiz show, programme relating to the research we have undertaken for this module. 302 more words

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#262MC : Blog Task (Week 1) BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio

For this task we had to listen to the local BBC radio station (Coventry & Warwickshire) and do research into why local radio stations & radio in general is still a popular platform around the United Kingdom. 968 more words

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