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What we were trying to do and how well we did it - manifesto

My manifesto : https://vimeo.com/groups/517626/videos/255793374

For my manifesto I wanted to discuss the topic of stan culture and what it’s like to be a dedicated stan. Being a stan takes up a significant part of one’s life and is often very intense. 651 more words

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2018 Portfolio

New Portfolio

The beginning of my career journey!

These projects are mostly from my second year at university, at the end is techniques or tasks that we had done in the first year, this was to help us become more creative and think more outside the box before we got into starting Interior Architecture & Design. 46 more words

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People to People

Len Cattell is British-born aboriginal artist who has lived in Australia where he voluntarily fought bushfires and also worked with aboriginals to learn their art and culture. 189 more words

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Manifesto ideas

“You will produce a one-minute issue based video which has significance and meaning. It must address an issue you care about personally…”

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5 Point Plan

Uncertain of what exact field in the media I would like to work in, I’m struggling to put together a future plan. However I have some goals in mind that I think will help me decide what which path I want to follow. 100 more words

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Nova Eden-Astrid-Dragon fruit-Anunciata Bogg

Name: Nova Eden-Astrid-Dragon fruit-Anunciata Bogg.

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5,7

Ethnicity: Indian, Irish, Caribbean, Ghanaian, Comorian  

Personality: A free spirited, creative individual, loves life, mature but at the same time not too serious, whimsical. 126 more words

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Thoughts on Sans Soleil

I felt that the ideas behind Sans Soleil was to convey an idea of time and culture. However, as I looked further into the documentary, it seemed to also convey themes of war, cruelty, celebration, ritual and even capitalism. 445 more words

Documentary Praxis