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Unbowed / The Substitute -- WIP

After reflection concerning whether to write something meditative, quasi-semi-pseudo-autobiographical in nature, or total jism flinging smut, I started both. Ha! Fooled you, didn’t I. Although my pull is to the meditative piece, and it has the bulk of produced words, I making sure there’s enough sex in it to keep myself (and hopefully the reader) interested. 195 more words


Cover Reveal: New Lease of Life by Lillian Francis

Hi, Lillian Francis here, and I’ve popped in to show off my amazing cover for my novel, New Lease of Life, coming soon from Dreamspinner Press. 624 more words


horns and hooves and snarling teeth

Her blue lips had kissed the devil then. Found him near the small of his back. Horns and hooves and snarling teeth. Greedy paws clutching a flaming pitchfork, his razor sharp tail whipping the wind. 24 more words

New Book

Time for a facelift

The other month (quite a few months ago) I did a list of my favourite book covers and it got me thinking about my least favourite. 373 more words


Cover of the Week 25/11 - Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1

The delight of this cover is observing Amy Reeder create a wonderful moment of childhood innocence. This is Lunella and she is befriending a dinosaur. The juxtaposition of size, emotion and poise bears something so ridiculous and outrageous that it might just work. 253 more words

Cover Art

Return of the Daily

Since I’m able to be at my office a good half hour before work actually starts, I can return to updating all of you daily in regards to what I’m up to! 622 more words


Cover Art Cover Up ()

You know what’s fun and easy?
Creating book titles and cover art. ‘Tis A joyous activity which enthrals me for hours.

Writing a book for that cover art and title, on the other hand, is not only hard but downright boring (yeah I said it) writing goddamn novels/a short story collection is godawfully tedious. 211 more words