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One of the most important issues related to cover crops is termination. Cover crops are great – until they compete with cash crops for nutrients, water, sunlight, space, etc. 333 more words

Cover Crops

What Lies Beneath The Soil

This week NRCS State Agronomist Gordon Mikell dug a soil pit in Dillon as part of a cover crop field day at Carl Coleman’s farm.  Gordon’s aim was to create a visual for those in attendance to see what lies beneath the soil surface.   439 more words

Cover Crops

Sowing and Reaping.

Walking into the garden today I was greeted with that delightful aroma of freshly cut grass.  It is like a lingering scent of summer as if to say, but wait – the season isn’t completely over yet, there are still things to be done and still things to be had.   901 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Rain! What a relief! And a summer summary

Finally the weeks and weeks of drought (except for one sprinkle about a week ago) have ended, and we got a good few inches of rain—a real pour bracketed by showers the evening before and the next morning. 1,106 more words


Three cover crop workshops to be held in South Carolina

Don’t miss one of these three great opportunities to get more in depth information about using cover crops in your farming operations or for consulting with your clients.  247 more words


Today I Tilled

Under a gray sky with the earth freshly moistened by an early morning rain, I tilled. It may not have been in the best laid plans of some experts but then, I’m no expert; simply a displaced urban farmer seeking the knowledge of those great minds. 658 more words

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