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Tips on Structuring an Application Package

Employers have no time to read your lengthy application packages. The first 1-5 seconds MUST catch the eye of an employer. Keep your application package short and impactful. 277 more words

Job Search

5 Tips for Producing a Quality Cover Letter

This week on Instagram, I received a comment from a friend on the template post for the week requesting cover letters. I realized that I have not made it clear that I do in fact design and write cover letters. 535 more words

Curriculum Vitae

10 Tips For Sort of Surviving the Application Process

I haven’t been writing recently because I’ve been working on my novels. Don’t I sound cool?

I also haven’t been writing recently because I think my bosses would frown upon blogging at work. 932 more words


Terrible Job Applicant: The Ultimate Cover Letter

Hello Dear Sir or Madam,

As the file name of this Cover Letter indicates, I am very enthusiastically applying for the position of . Your Company is great and I would love the opportunity for work for such a great Company. 373 more words


Identify and Expand

There are a few brands that only do one thing.  McDonald’s serves burgers and coffee.  Starbucks does coffee and sandwiches.  FedEx is now FedEx Kinkos and will ship the items it copies for you.   209 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Cover letter for an introvert

I’ve thought, more than once, that life would be a whole lot easier if we we approached forming new friendships and relationships the way we approach other big life decisions – it seems silly that we find our best friends and soul-mates after just a few minutes of conversation in a pub, but won’t hire someone to wash our socks until we’ve seen a multi-page CV and heard glowing recommendations from 3 former employers. 886 more words

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Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters

It’s been a pretty decent amount of time since I graduated at this point. I think it’s been two weeks. That’s hard to believe. It doesn’t feel like it’s been more than a couple of days. 546 more words