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How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Land You An Interview: A Simple 4-Step Checklist

Step 1: Perfect Spelling and Grammar. It sounds basic, but many job applicants send cover letters with errors in spelling and grammar. This reflects a lack of attention, and can kill your chances of landing an interview. 188 more words


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An Alternative Cover Letter

I wonder if I get invited for an interview after this cover letter I sent:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having seen the advertisement for the position of ### at @@@ I am writing to you in order to highlight my motivation and relevant experience with respect to this position. 370 more words

Facebook has my back

I am a big fat sucker for those inane personality tests on Facebook. I am surely not alone in this. Otherwise, those smarty pants techno wizards behind Facebook would not continue to come up with them. 692 more words


The Cover Letter I Want to Write

Today’s date.
Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

What do you want me say? What are you looking for in this “cover” letter? Is this just an extra hoop you want me to jump through? 306 more words


An Atypical Cover Letter

An idea came to me in the shower, and I had to write it down.

I’ll probably never be brave enough to actually send this cover letter to a tech company. 848 more words


4 Simple Steps to Explaining “Gaps” on your Résumé

There is no “right way” to explain a gap between positions on your résumé. It’s a roll-of-the-dice how an employer perceives that gap when they first see your résumé, and is as likely to be scrutinized and judged when they ask you about it in an interview. 485 more words