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How to use a head wrap as a cover up

That moment when you slay with your boob-tube dress then you suddenly want to get in the bank and you get denied access because your shoulders are showing which is considered an improper wear for such an environment. 203 more words


Burning Bridges

Devon had been lucky to get away before the police came. The bounty hunter killed or maimed twelve heavily armed men when she escaped. He got away with a broken arm. 276 more words

Short Story

2017.11.14: pall

this cloud over us
sheds some light but not enough
trust grows in whole truth


Chapter-a-Day: Judges 14

Judges 14

The story of Samson’s marriage to a Philistine raises as many questions as it answers. The Bible clearly indicates that his choice of a pagan for his bride was “from the Lord who wanted the Philistines to provide an opportunity for a confrontation.” Further, when he’s attacked by a Lion, the Spirit of the Lord gave him the power to kill the lion barehanded, but he hides this from his parents. 570 more words

Justice for Autumn Steele

This is a collection of all of my writings and activist work in the case of a young mother in Burlington, Iowa – Autumn Steele – who was murdered by officer Jesse Hill. 4,210 more words

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Obama administration hid 470,000 Osama Bin Laden compound documents from the public

Stephen Hayes writes for The Weekly Standard primarily on foreign policy issues. His latest article explains what we’ve learned from the CIA’s decision to release 470,000 documents captured in the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound. 1,101 more words