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The Big Cover-Up: What Republicans Don't Want You to Know

Unless you are brainwashed and support Republicans without questioning their actions, motives, or words, you are well aware that having an illegitimate president who lies constantly is nothing new for GOP politicians. 500 more words

Cover Up

Trump has only been in office for three months. Yet his administration has been involved in one scandal after another. One can barely get through the day without some new revelation or stupid remark by this child president. 194 more words


Half of world’s Muslims are inbred due to generations of incest | Fellowship of the Minds

Here’s an explanation for Islamic terrorism that’s never proffered:

Insanity and Stupidity

A never-spoken-about problem with Muslims is their inbreeding as a result of their long and deeply-ingrained practice of marrying first cousins — a practice that has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses.

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Legend of Inner Earth: A Subterranean World

Inner earth, hollow earth, Agartha are some of the names it’s called. The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. 1,904 more words

ISIS terrorist who shot dead cop in Paris attack was a known extremist arrested TWO MONTHS ago for threatening to kill police and served 15 years for trying to murder two officers

  • Policeman Xavier Jugele was killed on last night after being ‘targeted’ on the Champs Elysees in central Paris
  • The attacker was eventually shot dead after French police officers rushed to the scene in the heart of the city…
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Cover Up