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The Cover-up

When King Toffee of Lollipopia heard about the motor car, he was worried. It had been spotted near several villages on the outskirts of his kingdom. 3,206 more words


Miss Takes

Miss Takes is a thief,
Robbing you blind
Of all your confidence,
All of your pride;
Leaving you alone
To face what you have done… 11 more words


Sunset on Summer Kimono

Summer is nearly over here, so what better way is there to extend it’s vibe than sewing up this tropical sunset print?

This must be one of the longest term residents of my fabric stash, so I’m relieved to finally have it out of storage and into the wardrobe. 261 more words


The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up

The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up
Evidence supporting the McMartin Preschool Children’s claims of abuse. 

Information and quotes from various Internet articles.

951 more words

Sexual Abuse

Atheism As A Side Job

We all have real lives and are real people. In our spare time we call out the contradictions of religion, its woes and deficiencies, while the minister is fighting for his livelihood. 189 more words


Leaked EU files show Brussels cover-up and collusion on Putin's Gazprom abuses -- coercive pricing policies -- Gazprom has been strangling European gas supplies for years

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Telegraph
12 APRIL 2018 • 11:30PM

Vladimir Putin’s abusive stranglehold over European gas supplies has been laid bare by explosive EU documents, exposing deliberate violations of EU law and a pattern of political bullying over almost a decade. 909 more words