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Teased Twice

There is so much happening, I can hardly keep up. We are less than three months away from OF SCIONS AND MEN being unleashed upon the world. 696 more words

News... Kill J Covers 'Barbie Girl' And It's Great

‘Barbie Girl.’ Almost a one hit wonder for Aqua in the 90s which was replete with questionable gender stereotypes and a man who didn’t sound or act like Ken at all. 127 more words


Cover Art Cover Up ()

You know what’s fun and easy?
Creating book titles and cover art. ‘Tis A joyous activity which enthrals me for hours.

Writing a book for that cover art and title, on the other hand, is not only hard but downright boring (yeah I said it) writing goddamn novels/a short story collection is godawfully tedious. 211 more words


Cover Of The Week: N.I.B. by Danzig

Out of all the songs I could have chosen from Danzig’s newest album Skeletons (which also happens to be a covers record),  I chose his cover of the Black Sabbath track… 181 more words


Captivating Covers or I make strange buy choices

The first thig anyone sees when they look at a book is the cover. Sure, you buy a book because you find teh story fascinating, or because you know the author and have been waiting forever for their new book to arrive, but if you are just browsing a cover is what motivates you to actually take that book in hand and look at the summary. 610 more words

The Library

Tamper: "Cleanser" (Brand New Cover)

Listening to this cover of Brand New by Brooklyn’s Tamper, I find myself in a state of suspense. With ghostly vocals and deep synth echoing with each drum beat, I am in a musical forest and the only way out of this unknown yet highly enjoyable trip is repeating the song a few more times. Enjoy!