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Turn your Robbing into Singing

This beautiful story is from my hot sauce supplier

We bought hot sauce from a man at the farmer’s market yesterday. He and his wife (who is from Peru) are on a quest to create a hot sauce that is as delicious as it is hot and I’m on a quest to consume as much as it as I can. 923 more words

Mother Theresa- A Challenge to those who love only religion than men

I would like to comment on the recent controversy of RSS leaders and Sang Parivaar against the mother of poor- Mother theresa. She was nursing aids and leprosy patients. 327 more words

Incredible India

View Source Code of .NET EXE

If you want to view source code of .net exe then follow simple steps. You can get actual C++ or C# code of any .NET exe with decompiling .NET exe file easily. 396 more words

DotNet Framework 3.5

The conversion brouhaha

The conversion issue is already much written and I had been trying to ignore conversion row at Parliament for few days but the logjam refused to budge coercing me to think of the issue in detail. 813 more words



Read Acts 8:1 – 9:43

Saul persecutes; Philip preaches; Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch; conversion of Saul to Paul; Ananias talk with the Lord.

Saul preaches in Damascus; escapes; Jerusalem then off to Tarsus; 158 more words

Wishlist Wednesday | Conversion by Katherine Howe

Source: Goodreads

When I found out that Katherine Howe’s new book Conversion alludes to or is a loose retelling of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, I was sold.  208 more words

Wishlist Wednesdays

Encounter with a Broad-minded Christian ! Sewa for Hindus

this was an email sent to Mr. Rajiv Malhotra (RM)

I tried out the RM approach yesterday with a white Christian family yesterday – very good people whom I’ve known for a few years. 778 more words

Anti Hindu