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When One Spouse is Disengaged

Marriage is a difficult relationship if both parties are not totally actively participating in its maintenance. How else are you suppose to have a strong partnership and emotional bond with someone if you are not engaging with them at all times. 313 more words


Drama Feeds Narcissists

If you have children, you are familiar with the difficulty of getting them to do chores.  You start calmly explaining what they need to do, they respond “sure”, then wander off and turn on the TV.    1,507 more words


They Live Double Lives...

As wives of men who are known as ‘nice guys,’ we live in quiet and secret pain. Those outside our close, trusted and loyal circle have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. 584 more words

Lies And Abuse

Accept the Calling

To accept the calling to write and shine should be so easy, right? I mean, it’s my favorite pastime after all. Creating and getting thoughts out and learning and expressing and connecting and sharing. 490 more words