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Murder: Death by Covert Abuse by Marc Hubs who is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."


Pernicious Abuse

It goes unrecognized but it exists.

It exists on an extremely covert level.

It happens behind the scenes without anyone even being aware of what the problem is; the real problem. 1,108 more words

Narcissistic teen daughter

I just had a major temper tantrum when I discovered my fifteen year old Chantelle being spiteful/emotionally abusive to her eleven year old brother, Jordan, yet again. 790 more words

Covert Abuse

They Live Double Lives...

As wives of men who are known as ‘nice guys,’ we live in quiet and secret pain. Those outside our close, trusted and loyal circle have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. 584 more words

Lies And Abuse

Accept the Calling

To accept the calling to write and shine should be so easy, right? I mean, it’s my favorite pastime after all. Creating and getting thoughts out and learning and expressing and connecting and sharing. 490 more words

The Covert Problem

Joe and I had our first couples therapy appointment on Tuesday, and it went pretty well.

When we were talking about our childhoods, I told Megan, the counselor, the story I last blogged about, “Selfish Bitch.” 159 more words


Selfish Bitch

We were on vacation.

We went for two weeks every summer. One week to my mom’s parents’ in the east, which usually involved one day at the ocean and fun cousins; and one week to my dad’s mom’s in the South, which involved a huge, mostly empty haunted feeling house with three floors and two staircases as well as nearly abandoned mountain top property and a dirty river to swim in. 423 more words