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Students at Risk for Propaganda. Cannot Distinguish "Fake" News from "Real".

Today, let’s work off of the “study” information explained in the link below:


What does this mean?  It means our young people cannot differentiate the “Fake” from “Real/Legitimate” news.  183 more words


We Don't Believe a Thing They're Saying!

Americans live in a country of Lies.  A cloudy atmosphere of Fake News, sown by TPTB.

In fact, the entire populace floats upon a Sea-of-Lies, Distortions, Omissions, and every other color of Untruth, Half-Truth, and germ of Truth mixed with deceit. 509 more words


Doctor at Standing Rock Comments on What He Witnessed at the Hospital

Whilst we are consumed by all that is going on around us, some 2000 fellow concerned Americans are standing in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  749 more words