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My Heart Doesn't Live Here Anymore

I went shopping yesterday with my own money. I spent copious amounts of money on new shoes, a little sexy lingerie and some makeup, but I don’t really care. 872 more words

On Being A Woman

Republican Motherhood: Women and the Early American Republic

Linda Kerber’s Women of the Republic was not only revolutionary in its time, it is a fantastic and easy read. The heart of her argument revolves around women taking control of their own lives, and setting standards for themselves. 986 more words


Amasis' Foot-Pan and the Meaning of Coverture

Coverture perhaps ranks first among the old-timey villains of contemporary law professors. It supposedly represents an antiquated misogynistic habit to systematically oppress women by “covering” their legal personhood with that of their husband, and its demise with the Married Women’s Property Acts is seen as an important victory against the nefarious patriarchy. 1,247 more words

Rather be Oppressed 

Over the past weekend my husband and I went to town. I began to grow saddened again when we went into stores and I saw all of the women at work. 746 more words


The Widow Judith

When I wrote in the previous post about Edward Durant II’s “will,” I misspoke — Edward Durant II died intestate, but the distribution of real estate was apparently agreed-upon by his administrators (his widow Judith Waldo Durant and his son Edward Durant III). 425 more words

Whoops, time off... and Judith Waldo Durant

These things happen.

The saga of Cornelius Durant and Betsey Hawley never found any clear resolution. I need to email V., our guest, the contact info for the Ripley County Historical Society, as I’ve pretty much exhausted my resources. 639 more words

Mary Hampson: A Story of Domestic Violence

Mary Hampson

Her Story of Marital Abuse and Defiance

in Seventeenth-Century England

by Jessica L. Malay


A video interview of Ms. Malay

The legal state of coverture… 1,361 more words

Susana Ellis