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Cosmic Conspiracy Series 1 thru 9

The above organization claims to have gathered massive amounts of information on Subterranean bases, alien abductions, reptilians, and so on. A representative of AI-TRAD claims to have been contacted by a 3-Star General who in confidence confessed to the government’s cover-up of the UFO Phenomena. 10 more words

Sabine's 'Forced Adoptions Event' now up on video

It’s a thrill-a-minute ride: video from yesterday’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ with Sabine & Belinda.

Source: Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ now up on video

It gives me no pleasure, but these people are hurting lots of people, Today Sabine is tweeting a celebration video of the event, i havn’t looked, but it is probably heavily edited, and will of course be diverting people to all the usual suspects as mentioned in my blog previously. 507 more words

History Facts: Netanyahu Holocaust Remarks draw fire for revealing Hitler-Mufti Cover-ups

History Facts: Netanyahu Holocaust Remarks draw fire for revealing Hitler-Mufti Cover-ups

Benjamin Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust

Pamela Geller… 1,086 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

Tattoos and Their Healing Powers

In the majority of cases tattoos have a significant meaning to those who wear them. Whether they are in memory of loved ones, to mark a life changing experience or a shared bond, tattoos hold an incredible amount of significant and can be therapeutic, healing processes. 318 more words


6 Best Beach Cover-Ups & Kaftans

So you have your bikini’s ready, swimsuits packed but what do you take to wear as a cover up? When you go out for lunch, around the pool even along the beach. 420 more words


Tattoos?! I've got you covered!

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking in for your dose of Dom! Today I will be sharing with you how you can get that tattoo covered up temporarily. 577 more words


@dailyexpressuk #Victims #Survivors #Whistleblowers Unite: Tell Your Story to Poisoned Pilot #LenLawrence

Subject: Tell me your story

Dear Friends

As some of you are aware I have spent many years gathering evidence and data to try and understand the mechanisms used to move me from a position of relative stability, home owner, professional pilot, family man to a shell of a person medicated until I lost capacity and all of the things I held dearest whilst under the guardianship of the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts. 188 more words

Court Of Protection