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Something to think about- Who controls social media?

Is social media like other forms of media, mass produced by a few people (or corporations) then spread throughout society? Have you noticed on your different news feeds that the links are being posted and repost, half the time when you click on them you have to search through all the adds to find the interesting story, only to be disappointed. 303 more words

Skull cover-up with flowers

Skull by another tattooist.  The cover-up is by Dave.  This is the start of a sleeve in this style.


Hanford - Multiple secret "green runs" released 685K Curies radioactive iodine on Washington and Oregon downwinders

From A Green Road Project, August 31, 2013

The video offers a reflection on the effect of radiation on children by Kay Sutherland, a Hanford downwinder from Walla Walla, Washington. 2,362 more words

Under bust cover-up

This is part of a major cover-up project with ongoing work needed. It is coming together slowly on such big areas.  We like a challenge.


Raven cover up tattoo.

Raven cover up is start of a sleeve.  Highlights need adding.