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Cancer, Coverups and Contamination: The Real Cost of Nuclear Energy

“When the Chernobyl accident happened some of the iodine went around the world several times. In fact, you, I, everyone – we all have a piece of Chernobyl in our body…” ~ Theoretical physicist and author Michio Kaku… 6,290 more words



Dekalb, Illinois

Spring is the time of ultimate renewal, but Winter, depending on whether one is into poetry or into politics, can be either a time of renewal or a time of coverup. 68 more words

They forgot to mention he was an abuser!


Can’t access the link. Don’t worry. I will provide you with the content.

Looks like they forgot to mention that he molested me. Gave me life long PTSD. 111 more words

Child Sex Abuse Cover Up: Police Whistleblower John Wedger Speaks Out

John Wedger said he was forced into early retirement by the Metropolitan Police

Sun, Nov 12, 2017

A FORMER detective commended for his work on the Baby P investigation is suing police after claiming he was bullied for exposing child abuse and corruption. 957 more words


EVEN MORE LOST PAEDO-FILES: Barnardo's ADMIT destroying files

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s systematically destroyed records at its residential care homes where child sex abuse occurred over three decades – but claimed to victims that files had been lost in a flood. 1,017 more words