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Quoted in Wall Street Journal

Below is a copy of a Wall St. Journal article where I was asked about our usage of online investing site CoVestor.com
To view the original article requires a subscription, so the article is reproduced below. 729 more words


Is now the moment to invest in the stock market?

You are invited to an exclusive online presentation by a diverse team of Portfolio Managers on Covestor. They will share with you their current market concerns, provide important new insights, and explain how it’s possible to play both offense and defense amid the recent increase in market uncertainty. 83 more words

Money Management

What to Make of the Current Market High

Much is being said about the S&P 500 breaking through its former daily high set in 2007. The question seems to be whether this is the end of a bull market or the start of a new one? 466 more words



So here’s the deal.  Each week I will pick equities that have the best potential to enter a long or short position in the market.  That’s it!   148 more words

Bill Gross's 12/12 Commentary:

“The New Normal…will be with us for a long, long time.”

“[T]he developed world’s growth binge has been decades in the making. We may need at least a decade for the healing.” 102 more words


Covestor Interview

I was interviewed by Mike Tarsala for a recent Covestor.com blog on current market conditions. The entire post can be found here.


Paying Off Your Mortgage is a AAA+ Investment

By John Gerard Lewis

The U.S. Government, even with the only printing press that can legally print money, is not a top-notch credit risk. That feather in Uncle Sam’s cap was plucked by the rating agencies last year, leaving him with just two “A’s” instead of three. 723 more words