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A Rite Of Passage

In his podcast, “Living Myth”, Michael Meade argues that we’re experiencing a collective rite of passage, leading to something new from which we will never return.


Holiday Recovery

It was a busy, long weekend. I had Thursday-Sunday off to do as I pleased.

My brother came over Thursday afternoon to watch Game Of Thrones for the first time in a long while because of Covid. 344 more words


Glad to be here

Every time I wade back in to the current of the digital zeitgeist I feel like I need a shower afterwards. I’ve long since made my conclusions about the culture, its people, its leaders, and the predictability of its “episodes”. 121 more words

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Quarantine Staycation Day 6: Cleaning My Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine

Usually, during a “staycation”, I attempt to assume a vacation state of mind, so as not to rob me of the illusion of my freedom from work: I sleep in late, I day-drink, I write or draw, I play my guitars, and I wander to locales I wouldn’t usually make time for in my day-to-day life; the park, the library, the coffee shop, the music store, etc… 1,271 more words

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Quarantine Staycation Day 4

You know what’s sad?

While people complain or make jokes about staying at home to avoid dying from Covid-19, my life has barely changed at all. 641 more words

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Quarantine Staycation Day 2

If you don’t know who the mark is, you’re probably it.

Man, the second you put yourself out there on the net you’re surrounded by swarms of would-be “entrepreneurs” who look at you the way The Tiger King looks at a poor, lost soul and a pile of cocaine. 540 more words

Quarantine Staycation Day 1

So, I’m taking another “staycation”, but this time it’s not because I can’t really afford to go anywhere, or because I don’t want to go alone, but because the world is on lockdown from COVID-19 and nobody is going anywhere – or shouldn’t be if they know what’s good for them. 452 more words