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Essential/Frontline Workers Are Human, Too - a rant

That cashier you just cursed at? You know, the one who rang up your cart full of cereal and coffee and that hazelnut creamer came up the wrong price? 2,143 more words


Sky Is Neither Blue Nor Sun Rises in the East

Interesting!! Is not it? How fascinating is this, as a fact that the sky which we see all day is not blue at all , it’s has the whole spectrum and all the colours in between the extents of red and violet as we know it, it’s not blue at all. 585 more words

Open Letter from an Arizona Mayor

Unbelievable Open Letter from an Arizona Mayor About You-Know-What!!

by HighImpactVlogs

Originally Published on Jul 8, 2020

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PPE and Sanitation Supplies for Indigenous communities

Since Tumblr posts still cannot be embed here, I will simply share the news brought by jenniferdamianos Tumblr account about our fellows in Brazil especially the indigenous communities situated there. 159 more words

Coronavirus-free UK pilot, symbol of Vietnam's pandemic success, to return home

HANOI: Vietnam’s most seriously ill COVID-19 patient, a British pilot who at one point seemed close to death, left hospital on Saturday (Jul 11) on his way home after a dramatic recovery that attracted national attention. 399 more words


Protect Yourself When Using Transportation | CDC

A #COVID19 Q: How safe is it for an elderly person to get in the back seat of a taxi or
@uber, wearing a mask & riding with the windows open? 13 more words


Balance in challenging times

Do you ever feel that walking through life is a bit like walking a tightrope? Some days go smoothly and some days you are gripping tightly onto the balance bar struggling to keep any stability at all. 430 more words