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Why Kodavas eat pork and not beef - Part 2/2

Why Kodavas don’t eat beef? It’s simple….. Pure common sense, sense of gratitude & in harmony with the nature. Realization that a living cow is more valuable than a dead one. 1,526 more words


India bans burning cow dung near yellowing Taj Mahal

From Channel NewsAsia, Jan 2015

The ban on Agra residents burning cow dung, a common fuel source, is aimed at reducing carbon deposits on the Taj’s walls, spires and domes, said the chairman of the area known as the Taj Zone. 394 more words


Kimberly Capdevila of Burlington, Iowa faces harassment charges for mailing bags of cow poo to neighbors

Des Moines Register: A southeast Iowa woman has been cited on third-degree harassment after authorities say she mailed cow poop to her neighbors over a dispute about her barking dog. 43 more words


owl tracks

One night while watching one of the pairs of great-horned owls where I wander, I stumbled on what is likely one of the pair’s tracks – right in the middle of a cow pattie! 74 more words

One Word Photo Challenge: Olive

The following picture is of the most common fuel in rural india…cow dung cakes. It is a major bio-fuel. It is used in a domestic hearth or Chulha. 10 more words


One Man, One Cow, One Planet

One Man, One Cow, One Planet

by Thomas Burstyn (2007)

Film Review

Contrary to constant corporate media propaganda, it isn’t food scarcity that causes world hunger. 696 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Chris OLDfili Part 2

First off, fuck you wordpress.

For my five readers out there do not expect eloquence, this was lost when wordpress decided it could not handle the iPhones new operating system. 293 more words