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Doctor VC Discovers Cowpathy | Beauty Products From Cowdung & Cow Urine | Unique Stories From India

The Doctor tries beauty products made from cowdung and cow urine.

Move over allopathy and homeopathy. There’s a new alternative medicinal fad in town. Cowpathy uses the panchgavya – the five elements extracted from the cow; namely cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd, and cow ghee – and turns them into beauty products that improve your health! 142 more words

52 percent energy yield from cow manure fermentation

In calf farms (for meat production) during life time of one calf, so per calf per life time:

1) 2220 KWh (Kilo Watt hour) energy in the form of dung produced, comes in fermentor. 181 more words

Scientific Journal

50% of the Dutch families can cook and heat on biogas from cow dung

There is 76 billion Kilograms dung produced in 2015 by the life stock in Holland:

82% from cows
16% from pigs
2% from other animals (chicken, goat, sheep etc.) 186 more words

Scientific Journal

First blog post

I am about fed up with the wet shit that farmers dump on the fields. It literally stinks like shit except it’s worse because it’s mixed with piss and it’s wet. 64 more words

Palestinian family makes use of unique power house

By AFP – Apr 12,2017 – JORDAN TIMES

A Palestinian farmer hoses off the udders of cows at the Jebrini dairy farm in the West Bank town of Hebron, where cow dung is used to produce electricity as an alternative power source, on Monday (AFP photo) 174 more words

The Muslim Times

Not just dung!

“Cow dung can absorb all the three rays: Alpha, Beta and Gamma,” say research studies. While alpha and beta rays fail after some level of penetration, gamma rays can penetrate deep into the human body and damage the vital tissues and organs. 57 more words

Do You Know?

More musings from 2000: Ah, the sweet odour of dried cow dung.*

I think of the sense of smell as being more emotional, more personal than the senses of sight and hearing. I want to say it’s a smaller sense like taste and unlike the senses of sight and hearing, yet it can be a window on so many aspects of the physical world unavailable to sight and hearing. 313 more words