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that one time… with the cow poop...

Today I found out that sometimes cow poop is very slippery – exactly like a banana peel in old school Super Mario Nintendo slippery.

Somewhat related: Like any girl named Anna, my nickname is Anna Banana. 345 more words

Yep, more shit, we are on a roll here.

We collected more long-horn dung from some wet-land the other day and some geese dung.. just for fun as it was laying there in wet curly shapes, for the next 18 days compost heap. 133 more words


Comparative effects of different organic manure on agronomic performances of Corchorus olitorus in rainforest agro-ecological zone of South Western Nigeria

M. Adesina, K. O. Sanni

Key words: Cow dung, influence, pig dung, poultry manure, weeks after planting.


Low soil fertility is one of the main factors for the low productivity of vegetables in Nigeria. 187 more words


Push for cleaner stoves in poor countries to cut pollution

Image Credit: AP Photo/ Anupam Nath

NEW DELHI (AP) – Every evening, hundreds of millions of Indian women hover over crude stoves making dinner for their families. 770 more words


Outskirts of Agra: More Time Travel and Amber That Shines Like Gold

There were two stops this day. The first was somewhere between Jaipur and Agra. Abhaneri was a 30-minute pit stop that time travelled our little tour bus back 1000 years. 325 more words