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Mongoose Love Island

Nothing symbolises the battle between good and evil like a mongoose killing a snake. It’s the battle of morality vs the obscene, of freedom vs bondage, finesse vs hideousness and even wit vs the myopic. 303 more words


George Lincoln Rockwell - White Power

“LOVE, the natural, healthy kind, is indeed what makes the world go round, and is the most beautiful, holy miracle we ever see here on this earth.

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George Lincoln Rockwell

Like It Is

I’m not imagining that these fools are ridiculous. They’re actually ridiculous…

  • Ignoramuses beg for attention. But when they finally get it they run for the hills or have nervous breakdowns.
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Dopey language, editors without backbones!

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Thanks, gocomics.org

Not so incidentally, gocomics is one of the places you can catch Wiley’s latest cartoon strip if your candyass local newspaper knelt before self-righteous censors and stopped carrying it. 10 more words


Silence is Golden, Still

Democrats are laying the whip to the foundations of our Republic. Those who represent us are either standing aside in mute obeisance or taking their beating in silence. 224 more words

Heaume Mortal - Solstices (Review)

This is the debut album from French post-black metal band Heaume Mortal, (featuring a member of Eibon and Cowards).

There are six tracks on this album spread out across a sprawling 58 minutes of material, (including a Burzum cover). 347 more words