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Yelps crazy ass reviewers!!

These are the kind of reviews, I love to see. Not the reviews that are basically bullying online. Yelp allows this to happen all of the time. 283 more words

Headed to the lake of fire

Revelation 21:8 lists some of those who will die a second death and suffer eternal destruction in the fiery lake: unbelievers who do not trust God, corrupt people (the word means… 224 more words

Deny Jesus

Headed to the lake of fire

What an awful destiny: Thrown into a lake that burns forever with fire and brimstone. To die a second time and suffer eternal destruction. 293 more words


I'm So Tired of Angry, Bullying Cowards!!!

Angry, bullying people get a kick out of being terrorizers who intimidate others into doing their bidding. I refuse to see them that way, refuse to give in to their pressure. 464 more words

In This World

Characteristics of the Adult Cyberbully.

Characteristics of the cyber bully

A number of characteristics define cyber bullying:

• Anonymity – These bullies often cruise the Internet under pseudonyms, and the victim often does not know who is doing the bullying. 124 more words

American Cops Killed More People in March than the UK Did in the Entire 20th Century

By Matt Agorist on April 6, 2015

A new report by ThinkProgress.com unearthed disturbing figures when it came to the number of police-related deaths that occurred in America in the month of March alone. 290 more words

Abuse Of Authority

Washington police shoot & kill man running away.

Police at the scene of an intersection in Pasco, Wash., where officers shot a man they said was throwing rocks at them and cars. (Andrew Jansen, AP) 700 more words

Abuse Of Authority