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“It is cowards that hide behind the convictions of others.”

-Shayne Mason Vincent-



RIP Jacques Hamel (84 year old priest killed in Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray).

So-called ‘soldiers’ picking on the vulnerable again. Thugs creating fear and panic. The audacity to call themselves soldiers. 84 more words

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Of Mice and Men

Gandhi, Dr. King, Lincoln, Bhutto, Mandela, Malala. These names blaze as beacons of courage, enlightenment, hope, social justice, integrity and resolve. Each exposed and confronted injustice at great personal expense, never skulking in the shadows, never cowering from threats, never mistaking violence for courage and always recognizing hatred for the gross extension of ignorance that it is. 248 more words

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Thugs calling themselves soldiers. I assume the duty if a soldier is first and foremost to protect the borders of his/her country and to protect the country’s citizenry. 247 more words

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France PM: "We should learn to live with terrorism"

From the Daily Sun: France must “learn to live with terrorism”, the country’s prime minister has said, as he announced three days of national mourning beginning on Saturday, reports ITV. 120 more words


Acts of cowardice

Terrorism and cowardice go hand in hand…cowards always attack the most vulnerable in society. You have beef go join the army…stop attacking non military personnel. Cowards never fight fair! 90 more words