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Enabling Murder

By Bruce Bawer

Damn these jihadist murderers of children. And damn the politicians who have, in many cases, helped make these murders possible but who are quick, this time and every time, to serve up empty declarations of “solidarity”even as the bodies of innocents are still being counted. 300 more words


Is It Color????

A Black gun was pulled out on a brown man by a white man with a light and dark blue outfit on. The white bystanders are turning pink from shame, the brown people looking on have clear transparent streams running down their cheeks in fear. 192 more words


Visible Anarchy

Torrential reflections create a vulgar scenario of chaos

From transcendental mirrors emerges the truth

Unnecessary obsession with mercenary thoughts

Combatting the heavy-handed progress of deployed anarchy… 41 more words


Decoy Dickheads

Lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low,

quick to kick a boot into a loser they don’t know,

happenstance advantages repainted as a choice, 47 more words


James Harden Drawing Fouls on Threes is the Most Cowardly Thing in Basketball

Basketball is a great game. Maybe even the best game, depending on who you ask. But there is nothing that makes me hate basketball more than when James Harden does his bullshit foul draw on a three point “attempt.” Are there more important things in the world for me to care about? 452 more words

Long-time Iowa farm cartoonist fired for offending AgriBiz corporations

❝ Rick Friday has been giving farmers a voice and a laugh every Friday for two decades through his cartoons in Farm News

❝ …

149 more words