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Chances we didn't take

It can be really hard to take a step towards something you want. To take a chance and just pray it ends the way you would like it to. 248 more words


The Hum

Power is cowardice.

People who want power want respect. They want respect because they are afraid of their position in the world. Threatened by others, afraid. 129 more words


Arab Springboard

Arab Springboard

Barack touted the damn Arab Spring.
Oh, the hymns he was eager to sing
to unfettered inversion
and jihadist incursion!
Now it’s summer — and chaos is king. 6 more words

The Age of Not-so-Innocence

We live in a world with absolutely no privacy. Everything you post, even after you delete it is recorded somewhere. Once anything goes on the internet there’s no getting it back or getting rid of it. 217 more words

"Write something. Anything."

I was advised to create this blog. But it’s really difficult thinking of something interesting to write about every day. I know I shouldn’t care so much about what it is I even write about, the chances of it being even remotely interest are so unbelievably slim, It’s just an online journal i’m sharing with the internet world. 598 more words


Mugged Off

For the second time in my Mexican adventure I found myself in a police station giving a statement.

Nothing can really prepare you for being robbed in the dark in a foreign country. 759 more words