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The Courage of Our Convictions (for Perjury)

It seems pretty likely that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently committed a felony, which is a pretty compelling reason to remove him from his position at the head of our nation’s justice system. 1,053 more words


What did I mean to my father

I don’t know what I meant to my father.

That is a tragedy.

I should know what his hopes and dreams were for me. I should know how much he loved me and how much I meant to him. 530 more words

Are Republicans Ever Going To Stand UP

I mean, c’mon, kowtowing to President Bannon and his cabal, looks pathetic. Republicans believe that if they talk shit about Fmr. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton it makes them look manly. 388 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal

On Attacks and Defense

All bullies are cowards. My daddy (the Marine) taught me that. He was right. He was always right because he never said anything unless he was sure he was right. 411 more words



Bullies are

Closeted cowards.


Who won the war?

  Pure evil ‘won’ the war!  That’s all!

Sorry, but no forgiveness for turning a child black and blue!