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I had a kernel of this thought published before and removed it because I felt like it was whining.  I wouldn’t feel like it was whining if I knew my audience was diverse and wide, but I understand for the most part people who read me or probably people like me, someone who needs to read stories similar to their own story.  537 more words


Red Flags

Infidelity dialogue usually always includes the topic of missed red flags.   I know I talk about the warnings I missed.  I can’t stop.  I don’t know why.  273 more words


The Transmen’s Problem

No man is brave enough to tell someone else to be a man these days. Even though we like to pretend that happens (via a history of school beatings which stopped in the 90s, with current Church worship, Sunday appearances and Starbucks) it really doesn’t. 163 more words


Homewreckers Other Than the One with Your Husband, Part II

Do you remember in my first post, Homewreckers Other Than the One with Your Husband, Part I, , how I mentioned that it is challenging (to say the least) to get along at work and other social functions in the company of a loud and proud homewrecker. 644 more words


Loss, Part II

He wanted me to go through my dead daughter’s apartment like a common pilferer and leave everything I didn’t want for the landlord to sort and discard.   750 more words


Electronic Health Records

The creation and dissemination of electronic health records (EHRs) was inevitable the moment personal computers provided every household with unlimited access to porn. While everyone was enjoying themselves in the presence of nubile cyber nymphs, the Powers-That-Be were preparing for an all-out assault on every last sector of the planet that was operating without a keyboard. 1,727 more words


Loss, Part I

All three children (2 toddlers and the oldest barely 7) went through cycles of crying and bouts of vomiting and diarrhea during the first 7-10 days while we travelled and after we got them to our house.   530 more words