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How Kiss A** "Trumpians" Embarrassed themselves During Hearings of FBI Agent Peter Strzok; So sad, so Sad

First, and foremost, the “Trump Party” must stop calling themselves “Republicans.” This new “Trump Party” aligns itself with the “American Nazi Party.” Trump is no Abraham Lincoln; he is not an adequate speaker; he has no morals; and he lacks all competency. 476 more words

If Trump Did Not have such a Humongous Derriere, Some Republicans would not Be able to Kiss It

First, let’s define Donald J. Trump. He is your illegitimate president. He is a confirmed white supremacist, a confirmed sexual predator, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, and a xenophobe. 342 more words

Right Wing Extremists were Allowed to Viciously Attack Liberals by the Media; Now they Whine when it’s their Turn

The Republican Party is hypocritical and like their leader attempt to bully liberals. Former leaders of the Democratic Party, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have rolled over for far too long. 444 more words

6000 years of medical cannabis - will someone tell Congress?

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Someone tell Congress. If you can find someone there who understands more than 6th-grade-schoolyard-politics.

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz


“Profiles in Cowardice”

Why is our government completely dysfunctional? That’s an easy question to answer. We now have a one-party system, and that one party is failing the American people. 570 more words

Offline Self

Offline Self

His online self is bolder than can be.
In person, I am sure, he’s otherwise.
His allies and opponents all agree:
His online self is bolder than can be! 31 more words