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What I find interesting is that I know if I were to post things that chastised women for being “promiscuous” I would be popular. If I were to babble on about how women should smile their faces off in the face of all atrocities and abuse I would have millions of friends. 444 more words


I Was Pepper-Sprayed by Seattle Police on MLK Day

Jesse Hagopian, January 2, 2015

Some of my early memories are of riding on my parents’ shoulders at the annual Martin Luther King Day march. Seattle’s annual rally on King’s birthday is often one of the largest marches of the year in our city, bringing thousands of people into the streets around the most pressing social-justice issues of the day. 635 more words

Officer Cynthia Whitlatch arrests old man minding his own business & lies to fabricate a pretense.

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole has reassigned an officer involved in the arrest last summer of a 69-year-old man who refused to drop a golf club he was carrying on a city sidewalk. 510 more words

Thin line

The worst thing that am afraid to find out is that I meant everything to you but you watched me slip away by day.

The best thing I will love to find out is you were right to let me slip away because it never would have meant everything. 21 more words


Ugly traits in men

I see no uglier traits in a man than three things. The first of them being cowardice. The second,  lack of truthfulness and the third being a lack of physicality. 492 more words


Rise To Infamy - Cowards

The unrelenting hardcore sludge band Cowards offer their sophomore album release ‘Rise To Infamy’. The new album sees this Parisian quintet bombarding their audience with terrifying walls of sound, offering up an incredibly challenging listening experience that could perhaps be a bit much even for the most loyal of hardcore music fans. 342 more words