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Christians, Stop Being Cowards on Abortion


John Pavlovitz, a blogger and alleged “pastor”, recently published a post criticizing his “white, conservative, Christian friends” for not being truly pro-life. I only label him an alleged “pastor” because I read a few more of his posts and found each one to be a heretical argument for… 1,213 more words

Trump Is A Child In A Man's Body

Whoever thought it was a good idea for Trump to play the victim role, in order to gain pity from our corporate news media, should be fired. 238 more words

Book 4

keep moving forward

This is my first blog and I’m doing my best to keep updating it. It’s kind of odd me having to say that due to the fact this is only the second post! 672 more words


COWARDS Premiere track from upcoming EP "Still"

Parisian sludge/metallic hardcore horde COWARDS have posted a first track off their new EP “Still”. Recorded by Francis Caste (Hangman’s Chair, Kickback, Arkhon Infaustus…), the record will be out December 2nd on 12″ vinyl via  174 more words

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The Cowardly Sheeple are Still hiding in the Closet! by Kara

SWC is simply a support group, we are just that a support group. We don’t know how many ways we can say there are no counseling sessions held inside the support group. 2,639 more words

3% of Americans own half the guns in the country

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

In the past two decades, Americans have added approximately 70 million firearms to their private arsenals. There are more gun owners, but they make up a slightly smaller share of the population.

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Quote of the day: Abby Wambach on Hope Solo

“You never call another team cowards after you’ve just been beaten. … You don’t want to be a sore loser — not when you’re the best team in the world. 83 more words