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you continued to tell me you love me,

until I started to love you,

suddenly you were afraid,

I know not of what, but

you ran. 200 more words


Watching the news the past few months has unveiled a segment of society that needs attention. I will use Berkeley California as a chosen site, although the dissatisfaction of  both college students and professors has grown in my lifetime far beyond reality all over the Dis-United States. 535 more words


Thieves - LP I (Review)

Thieves are a US hardcore band and this is their debut album.

Thieves play dark, violent hardcore. I can’t help but like this kind of relentlessly bleak and abrasive music. 331 more words

Black Metal

origin: thirty

Since there seems to be some element of disagreement with the authors compositions, why not allow the cowards of said disapproval to show themselves by any means they find comfortable and allow this insignificant, wannabe journalist (right… 48 more words

origin: twenty-seven

Fear is defined by one source thus: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat… 110 more words

Quote #256

Cowardly dogs bark loudest.

-John Webster

I get the feeling that he’s not only talking about dogs here. Hmm.


My Easter Blog: But the Cowardly…

Any chickens out there? People afraid of pain, tight spaces, dogs, bodies of water, flying, moths–yes, moths–heights…? Everybody raise your hand because if I keep listing, I’m going to eventually get to the thing that chills you to the core. 941 more words

Lessons Learned