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Cowards - Still (Review)

Cowards are a blackened hardcore band from France and this is their latest EP.

I do so very much enjoy the work of Cowards. Their last album, 2015’s  279 more words


Nancy Pelosi Won't Go Away

In November of 2008, the Democratic Party was looking pretty. Barrack Obama had just been elected President. Twenty nine states had Democratic governors. By adding 21 seats, Democrats held a 257-178 majority in the House of Representatives. 1,389 more words


"Nice" Democrats Have Gotten Us Nowhere

Yesterday morning, rumors of a group of election lawyers and cybersecurity experts encouraging Hillary Clinton to request recounts in certain states turned out to be true. 1,863 more words


Gun control laws actually work - both ways, unfortunately

In this week’s obvious news, laws that allow people to kill other people with guns have led to more people killing other people with guns. According to two new research papers, …

482 more words

Fear and antipathy for the spiritual world

Sometimes people present themselves outwardly as quite robust – but in the depths of their souls they are cowards. Because of the fear they experience for the spiritual world, they look for various ways to stun themselves. 151 more words


The Republican Party Stands for Nothing

The Republican Party’s first president was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s presidential legacy — often regarded as one of the finest — is tied to the abolition of slavery and uniting our nation in the midst of the Civil War. 1,154 more words


Come Out of the Closet

You know who’s worse than a barking, rapid Trump supporter?

The silent, closeted one.

The one who told the pollsters, or anyone else who asked, that he supported Hillary, but once safe and alone in the voting booth, voted for Trump. 368 more words

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