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Gravel In My Boots...

Fucking annoyance, that’s what it is.  Spikey little bastards floating around with every step.  With each footfall, a new location… Fresh hurt.

Sure. The logical thing to do would be to park my ass on an old felled tree, take the crusty boots off, and shake the fuckers out.   990 more words



It is one of the saddest acts. There have always been bullies and idiots who talk down to people. However, it is so much easier and quicker to hurt people these days; the internet, a double-edged sword. 329 more words

Aquatic Life

Clear Channel, Intimidated by Terror, Forbids Criticism of Muhammad on Their Billboards

They allowed an ad — from a terror-tied group — that falsely praised Muhammad on “women’s rights.” Then they refused our ad, which countered with the truth. 407 more words


I love this.

I am victorious and humble, oh and badass of course. Just saying !!!!!

i like the abc's of death, regardless of what the posers and eggheads says

i just watched a couple horror flicks, the abc’s of death, both 1 & 2.

i liked both of them. each one consists of 26 segments made by different people from around the world. 364 more words