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3% of Americans own half the guns in the country

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

In the past two decades, Americans have added approximately 70 million firearms to their private arsenals. There are more gun owners, but they make up a slightly smaller share of the population.

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Quote of the day: Abby Wambach on Hope Solo

“You never call another team cowards after you’ve just been beaten. … You don’t want to be a sore loser — not when you’re the best team in the world. 83 more words


The futility of war

An open letter to Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today”

Dear Ian,

I recently watched a short clip from the movie “Patton”, to find out why you were making such a big deal about him as being some kind of military hero with “balls the size of Texas”. 711 more words

Veterans Today

Not So Fast, Ratty Fucks

Oh so they decide to ban me from that site and leave someone harassing people! — these people over there are really smart. Talking about different folks from different backgrounds — that bullshit troll on your site isn’t from any fucking background other than being a piece of shit out of somebody’s ass. 804 more words

Have we become a nation of cowards?

The State of Missouri just loosened its gun laws making it easier and legal to carry a concealed weapon without much scrutiny. The Show Me State can obviously do what it wants, but isn’t it just a little ironic that a state with that motto is now making it easier for it citizens to conceal a weapon for whatever purpose they like? 691 more words

Central bankers around the world are stuck at zero -- plead with politicians to take action

Christopher Sims, Nobel LaureateMercoPress

❝ Central bankers in charge of the vast bulk of the world’s economy delved deep into the weeds of money markets and interest rates over a three-day conference recently, and emerged with a common plea to their colleagues in the rest of government: …

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