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The Coward Strikes Again

The firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was predicted nearly a century ago by H.L. Mencken. One of the more influential authors from the first half of the twentieth century, Mencken published an editorial in the July 26, 1920 edition of the… 588 more words

Donald Trump

Men, did you know this about hell?

I grew up in an era when we heard a lot of “fire and brimstone” preaching on hell — in some cases, too much of it. 326 more words


1.35Tbps: GitHub Faced World's Biggest DDoS Attack

Also known as the world’s Most Cowardly Attackers!

Sigh. What could people have against GitHub? They’re awesome!

Article: https://fossbytes.com/github-worlds-biggest-ddos-attack/


My Response To Cowardly Broward Deputies Who Failed To Act In Parkland

I’ve read reports that Broward deputies failed to act during the Florida shooting, that absolutely boils my blood. When they put on that uniform to go to work every morning, they know full well what their responsibilities are. 32 more words

Trump Fatigue Is Palpable

Trump is nearly balded from fatigue. His dirty little secret of ‘Fake’ sex with hundreds of porn actresses, because he has no cojones, is costing him millions of dollars. 202 more words

21st Century Politics Vs. 18th Century Politics