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Fox News' Megyn Kelly: "Did You Just Say Nukulear?" Retarded 4th of July Prediction.

Megyn Kelly’s atrophied face as she interviews Peter King on the Kelly File.   It was a good fourth of July.  People celebrated, nothing happened.

Watch the video. 54 more words

Wolfside - Dreamgirl

Two wolves. One sound.

Boston duo Wolfside have graced us with a fun-loving, funky debut in “Dreamgirl”.

If you thought phrases like “I could be your man”  86 more words


cows, waterfalls, wildflowers, check.

Another Friday, another hike.

We’re so spoilt here for easy access to natural beauty.

The path is ever winding.

If you’re lucky, you might come across a misty waterfall in the forest. 104 more words

Cow Dust

‘Cow dust’ or “Godhuli” is the shimmering dust haze created during sunset by cattle columns returning home after grazing all day. A magical time that evokes the epic story of Radha’s love for Krishna, the charming, flute-playing cowherd. 129 more words

Parenting Tip of the Week: Put the Kids to Work

After yesterday’s post, I thought of 100 more things to apologize to Rocco for, but 1 thing that I will never apologize for is that I tried to make him a star. 212 more words

One fine day

I gave my mom’s special cook book a peak,

Found the right page after” uses of leek”.

She has the recipe for one fine day… 126 more words

Rhyming Story