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Daily Prompt: Jangle

via Daily Prompt: Jangle

Mr Bo Jangles … to which I always wanted to retort – Does he?

One of the more pleasant jangles for me is the campfire bell – usually a metal ring or tube to alert everyone that food is served. 42 more words


Writing Meme for Monday: My Summer Writing Life...It's Full of Cowbell

School is out, so the boys are home.

ALL of them.

It’s a little like this…all day.

My writing is a little like the lead singer…front and center during my usual writing time (nap time for the little ones) but completely overwhelmed by the crazy maniac(s) with the cowbell. 56 more words


Haunted Heart (CD) By Cowbell

Haunted Heart


Damaged Goods 2017

Review by David Bowling

Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle, better known as Cowbell, may be from London but their style of music is founded in minimalist American rockabilly. 245 more words

Cashbox Music Reviews

29 March 2017

Today I took a picture of some cowbell.


Traditions in baveria

This nanny has been very sad for the past few days. I was diagnosed with tonsillitis (we think) yesterday – why here, why now?! It’s very frustrating, all I want to do is help out with the kids and play with them and explore! 815 more words

My Europe Aventure

Down Time = Silliness! I Love It

Give kids a little down time and you never know what you will get!!