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Bell of the Ball

“You know what this ball won’t need? More cowbell”

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More Cowbell

This is the latest new YouTube “cool” video that my coworkers like. I don’t get what’s so funny about this… Do you? If you do, please explain to me. 9 more words

#adventure17 v.2

“Let’s just do something fun and call it science!” he said. Yes, and let’s also see if existing science supports it, I replied. We both generally believe that any (all?) novel experience can change a person’s brain–the principle of… 1,428 more words

Joke of the day -Cowbell

Why do cows wear bells? 

Because their horns don’t work! 8 more words

Good Clean Jokes

8.5” Cowbell

If you are confused about where to buy a cowbell from that is small and concise cowbell then this is the correct place for you. 164 more words

Cowbells For Sale

Single : Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac

‘Oh Well’ was one of those songs that popped up on the radio when CB was a kid and just sounded great.  Plus it was a little (a lot) different from most of what the radio was playing. 143 more words

Morena y Clara - No Llores Más

Morena y Clara were a Spanish flamenco-pop duo from the 70’s formed by sisters Ana María Muñoz Hernández (Morena) and Carmen Muñoz Hernández (Clara) and produced by their cousin… 49 more words