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T.G.I.F.: Just more...

And if you need a video fix of the original SNL skit, hit More Cowbell.

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Today's Theme Music

Having beer with friends last night and talking, we reminisced about music and humor, so today is more about humor surrounding music. We came up with three of our favorites. 110 more words


Free Life - Dance Fantasy

Free Life was a band produced by Philip Bailey and Tommy Vicari. In 1979 they released an album and a (disco) 12” before “disappearing”.  The disco hit was Dance Fantasy: a song full of rhythm, guitars and synths, even cowbells!

Free Life – Dance Fantasy (Discogs)

Disco Snob


That’s right folks. We need more butthurt.
Why? Because we don’t have enough people being offended in this country.
Remember my post from yesterday about the celebrity couple dressing up for Halloween as a pilgrim and an Indian and everybody being offended? 264 more words


My Writing Process Part 2

I have been furiously writing my new novel. It’s historical YA fiction with a fantastical twist. And that’s all I’m going to tell you right now. 864 more words


More cow-Belle at the Wild Rumpus 2016

Inspired by one of my favorite SNL skits with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell.  “More Cowbell.”  My partner in crime was the Reaper, taken from the title of the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  We had a blast and folks got the joke! 15 more words


Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Drive My Car'

Pick up The Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” album and the first track listed is this one is “Drive My Car.”

The song was written mostly by Paul McCartney, with a little help from John Lennon. 79 more words