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Livin' like hippies 

Have you ever been so excited for something that nothing is right? That was me, days before the Miranda lambert concert. I bought three different pairs of jeans, five tops and two jackets. 210 more words

Cowboy Spurs

Cowboy Spurs

  • Spurs are a pair of metal tools worn on the heels of cowboy riding boots.
  • They are designed to direct an animal’s movements – usually forward or sideways – and can encourage a quick response to commands.
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Who Invented Cowboy Boots?

Hey, it’s #fridayfunfact time again!

What’s #fridayfunfact you ask?

Well…it’s where I write about a fun fact on Friday.

Today’s question: Who invented the cowboy boot? 294 more words

Starting to Crack?

I grew up on construction sites. Daddy and Grandaddy were builders, and I loved hanging out with them. With a hammer in my hand, I’d tag along to watch and learn. 322 more words

Cowboy Boots


I will pull on my cowboy boots,

and pin up my hair,

I’ll walk myself to your place,

and kick you to the curb.



Shoemaking class

I’m in Ashland, Oregon, taking a shoemaking class with Bill Shanor. I watched Paige make shoes but I’ve never made a pair myself from start to finish. 56 more words

Boot Maker

A horrible case of shoe envy.

Now im sure everyone knows this brand but I just have to put my two pence into this, because i just can’t stop looking at their website. 685 more words