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This Deep Fried Steak Has My Mouth Watering

I have tried all sorts of fried foods at my first Rodeo. I’ve had oreos, cheesecake, baked potato bites, nachos, basically anything on a stick, but wow I wish this guy was there to fry me up one of these New York Strips. 15 more words


Texas Wastelanders: Issue #4

The door to Doctor River’s wooden cabin opened up. Out emerged Daniel, dressed in a red long sleeved button up and brown pants. He raised a hand to his now bare forehead, his eyes straining to peer through the blinding white sunlight as his body immediately began to sweat against the desert heat. 3,549 more words



There was this big fire what looked like a mushroom. I was a long way off … ’cause I was. My bidness. But I was heading on back to my sweet cowboy. 317 more words


Challenge your English skills!

Play very interesting games and upgrade your knowledge.

Fill in the empty fields with the correct form of the verb “ 14 more words


Legacy Lost by Jillian David

Title: Legacy Lost

Series: Hell’s Valley #2

By: Jillian David
Publication Date: March 27, 2017
Publisher: Crimson Romance

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance


Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson found the family he’d always wanted. 392 more words


Guardian Angel-2 Elsewhere, part 1 of 3

Ethan shot his hands up into the air before he nodded toward the woman at his feet.  The man on horseback relaxed and waved his gun casually in the woman’s direction.  1,395 more words