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Cowboys and Indians

I guess I was 5 or 6 years old and growing up on a Welsh council estate in the 70’s. It was summertime, and the middle of the school holidays. 438 more words


Hostile History

Is a movie like Hostiles appropriate for 2018? A group of white, mustachioed soldiers beat and imprison an indigenous man and his children while, a few miles away, a group of Comanche riders murder a quiet American family and set fire to their house. 846 more words

Movie Review

Wild West Adventure

A recent end-of-season seaside visit yielded nothing new  in the way of plastic tat, just the usual current pound store plastic warrior offerings.

Last year the same row of seaside shops that yielded ‘space marines’ was empty of anything new: 199 more words

Toy Soldiers

Poems on the Megaphone

As part of the Mango of Truth Performances Jane Frankish read her Poems on the Megaphone.


09FridayJun 2017

You are the first nations, the first people. 56 more words

Indians on the Playa

So we did it! My fellows at The Camp With No Name, my family and I – we realized the image I had visualized for Cowboys and Indians at Burning Man. 135 more words

The Mango of Truth

The Mango of Truth Performance will be carried out twice during the Burning Man event, once at camp and once on the playa.  At the heart of this performance is the presentation of an antique terracotta icon for Lord Krishna and the gifting of mangos at the end of each performance.  142 more words