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The Night Garden

Blinking windows
a solemn sky
wary of the gloomy night
alienated by light-filled days
and shadows
unable to glimpse between trees
leaning over soulful shrubs… 24 more words



… Emerging so slowly in all her magnificence,

Finally, excruciatingly, she is opening, flowering!

Called ’emotional healing’, it is, oh, so much more;

Submitting, trusting, putting aside incriminating, cowering… 72 more words

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It is raining.
And in a clich├ęd moment,
When everyone else
Is impatient,
Cowering from the rain,
As they turn to distractions,
Then you were standing there… 58 more words


When I Cower in Fear...

I don’t usually become afraid. But when I do, I really do. I really do in extreme cases or in such situations that reminds me of the traumatic experiences I had in the past. 254 more words

Actual Existence

The Writer in the Weeds

Cowering amidst the weeds, here.

Um, let me explain.

After a bunch of family time in Alabama, I returned to Florida yesterday (hence the absurd lateness of my post Monday) to find my wee little garden partying with a host of uninvited weeds. 148 more words


Billy Penn's Election Night shared newsroom

Nov. 4, 2014 was easily the most fun and most productive I’ve ever felt on Election Night, and there are two clear reasons for that: 319 more words


No Confidence

I have no confidence left. Not in myself or my abilities, not in the universe, not in anything. I feel as if I am a scared little boy again, cowering in my room waiting for the violence to end. 151 more words