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A modern day cowgirl!

Such a fun time with an amazing team! More to come from this shoot.

Photographer: Ben Tsui / Designer: Elinoir Designs / Mua & Hair: Devin Takeguma


Bored in Bed...

So this is my first post. I should say more and give some background, but I’m scatter-brained at the moment. Thinking about leaving my husband. He doesn’t make me orgasm anymore, doesn’t even try. 398 more words


Texas Cowgirl

This tough (yet prepossessing) cowgirl wields a couple of revolvers out on the plains of Texas. Apparently between a quarter and a third of cowboys out in the Old West were African-American, but I don’t know how many (if any) of them would have been women. 60 more words


29 November Journal

Happy Humpday Everyone. Still a bit chilly outside but hey, its great. It isnt like 2000 degrees out there. LMAO.

Last nights Dinner was a Candi Goulash. 530 more words



Pantyless Disciplinary Committee Chairwoman Mari Rika Is Taking Charge And Having A Creampie Cowgirl Sex!


Beautiful Girl

26 November Journal

Good Sunday morning everyone. Its the last day off for me. I still have not finished up my chores. I will get them mostly done today. 458 more words

25 November Journal

Good Saturday Morning Folks. I have had a busy day yesterday. Another on is kinda in store for today. Tomorrow is going to be a resting day of absolutely nothing I hope. 503 more words