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My First Trip to the Rodeo | I Wish I Was a Cowgirl

This weekend my boyfriend and I were able to go to the San Antonio Rodeo, and see Chase Rice perform! I was super excited because I had never been to the rodeo before, and because my grandfather was a big rodeo cowboy! 159 more words

Tucson Vaquera, Living a Legacy

Honoring the “vaquera or cowgirl” figure was something very important to me.  When doing research on “la vaquera”, it was difficult for me to find a… 1,175 more words

A Story Worth Tellin'

The following post is dedicated to and written for the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.

“The idea is not to live forever. It is to create something that will.” ~Andy Worhol… 599 more words


14.2.2017 Chang Mai... There's a Rat In Me Kitchen....

We had an early morning wake up by a Willy Nelson sound-a-like in our court yard. He had had a couple of ales, and maybe other intoxicants. 474 more words


I pulled my first calf!

I pulled my first calf today! Without any help! At. All.

Before I explain the whole story about what happened today that led up to pulling the calf, I will explain what “pulling a calf” means for all my non-ranchy readers. 1,921 more words

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