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eSports and Their Place in Society

On Sunday ESPN2 televised eSports all night. There was a match, I guess that’s what it’s called, between Arizona State and Berkely in Heroes of the Storm… 401 more words

Finally Someone Has A Microphone To Tell Colin Cowherd That He Is A Bum

and its Dan Patrick.  DP lands several haymakers.  None bigger than, “ESPN muscles.”


Getting Replacement Heifers Ready to Breed

Getting Replacement Heifers Ready to Breed

Paul Beck

Replacement heifers to breed at 15 months of age in order to calve for the first time as a two year old, if they are going to be a contributing (and profitable) part of our cowherd. 91 more words

You Herd Me! Book Review

I often tune into Colin Cowherd’s radio show while I’m driving around in the morning.  He usually has an interesting take on sports.  Sometimes I’m in complete agreement, and the rest of the time I’m in total disagreement. 226 more words

Book Review

Taking the Cows to Pasture

A happy cowherd and two contented cows amble their way to a lush green pasture as the sun gets up and starts to burn off the night mist. 12 more words


wishes on a tree, and a project

Dropped by Kinokuniya Liang Court for a small book haul after brunch today. I’ve been procrastinating on writing a credit paper. There are much better things to do, I keep thinking. 295 more words

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