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Dan Le Batard of #ESPN just Supported My Position on Race, and Colin Cowherd

Dan Le Batard of ESPN Radio went on a rant about racism and about difference between calling someone dumb and uneducated. On Monday’s edition of the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN radio he points it out perfectly… 366 more words


The Rise of #PC Means The End for Criticism (As in the case of Colin Cowherd)

Colin Cowherd became the latest victim of the PC Police when ESPN let go of him on Friday. Cowherd who has spent ten years at ESPN was also recently in the news when he decided not to renew his contract in favor for a deal he was making with Fox Sports. 657 more words


Michigan Weekly (July 1 - 7)

Michigan Signs With Nike

Following what will be eight years with Adidas, Michigan turned down a more lucrative offer from the German apparel giant to sign with Nike. 685 more words


The Tale of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl

The story of the cowherd and the weaver girl is commemorated as a yearly festival which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar. 930 more words


Harbaugh vs. Cowherd; Embrace Abrasive

By now, everyone has heard Colin Cowherd’s interview with Jim Harbaugh today. Cowherd, ESPN’s top radio host for 12 years, asked Harbaugh a series of innocuous questions that were deemed so mundane by Michigan’s disinterested head coach he responded with silence. 313 more words


eSports and Their Place in Society

On Sunday ESPN2 televised eSports all night. There was a match, I guess that’s what it’s called, between Arizona State and Berkely in Heroes of the Storm… 401 more words

Finally Someone Has A Microphone To Tell Colin Cowherd That He Is A Bum

and its Dan Patrick.  DP lands several haymakers.  None bigger than, “ESPN muscles.”