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Lavar Ball and Kristine Leahy got into it on the Herd colin cowhered show

i can take or leave Colin Cowhered and the same with Kristine Leahy because while both

are professional i just ain’t feeling the show  beyond watching it for middle of the road entertainment and while i dig some of the guests, if you watch Undisputed with SHannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless then you watch the Herd as a after party type of show. 137 more words


Big Mama Asks, “Who’ll Get in the Muck with Me?"

Twenty-four hours after birthing Blossom in a snowdrift, Big Mama’s clamoring for her life.

Diagnosis? Milk fever.

Prognosis? Without intervention? Death.

Location? Muck.

Even at the Barnyard of Heaven, life’s messy. 420 more words

Rambling Ruminations

Cowherd and Weaver Girl


Who doesn’t like a good myth?

And if there is romance involved, then bingo!

Ok, so today, I will tell you about one of those romantic tragic myths, from China. 831 more words