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Hail the Hairdo

My bangs have a mind of their own.  While (yes) they are on my head, I wish they wouldn’t seek out the corners of my brain for their own personality.  408 more words


Just Look At That Cowlick!

I could hang my coat on that thing.

Go EAST, young man!

All he needs is a disturbing fictional backstory and some eyeliner and he could be an anime character – or one of them goth kids who calls themselves by a stupid moniker, like “Entropy” or “Crow-Claw”.


Cow-lickin' Good

If you’ve got a pronounced cowlick I’m nearly 100% sure you’ve been given advice on how to “tame” the problem. Next time someone suggests a way to fix this problem you seem to have, I suggest staring blankly in the mirror and asking them to explain what the problem is because you can’t see it. 298 more words

Father's Motherly Instincts

I love the faces that people make whenever you lick your hand and walk towards them with a determined look on your face as you tell them that they have a patch of hair sticking up in the back. Priceless!


Hairstylist Tricks to Tame a Cowlick

Admit to having a cowlick in a room full of beauty lovers, and you’ll get half a dozen knowing groans. On the list of irritating hair situations, it’s definitely (stubbornly) sitting at the top. 371 more words


Troublesome Cowlicks

What are cowlicks?

A cowlick is a section of hair that grows and stands completely different to the rest of your hair. The hair can stand up straight or lie at a completely different angle to all your other locks. 749 more words

Tips and Tricks from behind the chair... Bangs

Bangs are a fun and new change but can also be challenging leading to regret.

New bangs have to be taught how to behave. This requires patience.   365 more words