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10 Biggest Problems Men Have

Ahh…. Reddit.   Thank the Reddit gods for being the nucleus of advice when it comes to men seeking clever hacks to all things men: razor bumps, back hair, cowlicks, uni-brows, etc..  399 more words


Day 19- Irony

My hair has really grown a lot since I first head it cut.

I was worried about it making me stick out.

Now it’s the one sticking out, all over the place, untameable. 13 more words

The Care And Keeping Of Bangs

I got a bang trim today.  It was my first trim since getting them on January 2nd, so it looks like I can go about five weeks before they’re on top of my eyelids.  813 more words

The Hair Stuff.

A Lesson from Dennis the Menace

One comic strip I don’t miss is “Dennis the Menace.” Just in case there’s someone out there who hasn’t heard or read the strip, Dennis is a young boy with a noticeable cowlick who wears a striped shirt and overalls. 246 more words

I guess it’s just going to be you:
The broken piece that won’t fit back
That sticks out a little sideways
The cowlick that won’t lay flat… 27 more words


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Day Ten

A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of Me

Okay, so this is a picture of me from well over 10 years ago. But the rule was… 168 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge