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Father's Motherly Instincts

I love the faces that people make whenever you lick your hand and walk towards them with a determined look on your face as you tell them that they have a patch of hair sticking up in the back. Priceless!


Hairstylist Tricks to Tame a Cowlick

Admit to having a cowlick in a room full of beauty lovers, and you’ll get half a dozen knowing groans. On the list of irritating hair situations, it’s definitely (stubbornly) sitting at the top. 371 more words


Troublesome Cowlicks

What are cowlicks?

A cowlick is a section of hair that grows and stands completely different to the rest of your hair. The hair can stand up straight or lie at a completely different angle to all your other locks. 749 more words

These cowlicks are going to be taught a lesson....

I made the bad decision to take a night shower and woke up with the worst hair in the country. One side of my hair was fluffy and free-flowing, loving life in the fast lane. 120 more words

My Poor Friends & Family

Tips and Tricks from behind the chair... Bangs

Bangs are a fun and new change but can also be challenging leading to regret.

New bangs have to be taught how to behave. This requires patience.   365 more words

Happy Friday Everybody!

Now you know :)

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