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Looking Forward to Coworking Predictions for 2018

The coworking movement saw nothing but so much untapped potential and great opportunities during the year 2017. The movement slowly but surely became a global phenomenon as the population of digital nomads and remote workers grew. 522 more words

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Maximizing Your Workday Through Energy Management

Majority of us start our work day with a clear outline schedule in our hands. If not, we have our to-do lists – with the most crucial tasks written atop and those that could be accomplished at a later time found down below. 909 more words


Coworking Spaces Are Destroying the Cubicle in Northeast Wisconsin

With the dawn of startups, tech, and the death of the cubicle, co-working spaces have been a popular new office environment across the country. The benefit of coworking spaces is they are low cost and for businesses that are just starting or consist of a small team, these spaces are a great way to collaborate with others and network. 730 more words


Coworking Space in BF Homes Parañaque

To spend a day in a coworking space is something I have been planning to do but never had a chance. Most coworking areas are not-so-near my location and going out of the village is not very ideal, thanks to the heavy traffic in the Metro. 339 more words

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What Things Should You Expect From Coworking Office Space?

Coworking office space is a more evolved concept and has now become very popular all over the world. Even in India, there are many cities that choose coworking for their office setup. 246 more words

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WeWork expands its Flatiron School education business to London with £1M in scholarships

WeWork — the co-working startup valued at $20 billion with some 200,000 members across 200 locations globally — is continuing with its strategy of expanding into a wide array of adjacent operations to grow its business. 789 more words


9 co-working spaces in Singapore that'll make you WANT to go to work

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Co-working spaces are typically utilized by freelancers or entrepreneurs… but even if you’re a salaried employee, you can still get a day pass to most of these places to catch up with some work. 544 more words

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