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Cafés, coworking spaces and Les Pitonneux

I haven’t been very productive with my Udacity lessons this past week. I’ve been occupied onboarding a new design project at work. I finished Part 1: Web Foundations of the program. 876 more words

Creativity, Productivity and Office Designs

Albert Einstein once said that “creativity is contagious”, pass it on.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity doesn’t really come from one sole place. It usually comes from a piece of artwork or simply, anything – that inspires one person to  534 more words

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More space for co-working at The Great Room

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)

Co-working space The Great Room is opening a second location here and also expanding into Bangkok – its first overseas venture.

The brand is also exploring more regional growth opportunities, with seven new locations planned next year, co-founder and chief executive Jaelle Ang, 37, told The Straits Times. 513 more words

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Ditching The Office Desk: Location Independence and Coworking

In the recent years, the industry have seen numerous changes in the work culture. Labor force slowly getting dominated by the Millennials, traditional 9-to-5 shift slowly diminishing and even office spaces themselves are changing. 619 more words

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Co working Spaces for your startups!

Planing to start up your own startup but skeptical about the location? Lacking faith in the setup process and looking for an easy and ready made escape? 209 more words

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A Gray Area, A Path Leading to the Goldilocks Zone

Work, for most of us, is simply black or white – no in-betweens. You either work hard or not at all. We either hustle hard, overdo things and end up burning out ourselves or do so little, we start to be bored and feel underutilized. 613 more words

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