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Number 428

On my first married Easter on the farm, I helped deliver calf number 428. It was chaotic. I was only in the yard to remind my newly married spouse that time was ticking and that we had to be driving to my parent’s house in Cork. 834 more words

Power To Save Special: December, 2016

Power To Save Special

December 20, 2016

7:30pm – 8:00pm

WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host this quarter’s Power To Save Special.  It’s a perfect time to celebrate the holidays!  260 more words

Power To Save

Forgotten Instruments, Improvised Censorship and Cows

Most of what follows, unfortunately, happened.

Date: Her Royal Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee.
Venue: A field.
Crowd: 60/40 split between humans and bovine. 660 more words

Vegan Competition

Veganism is not a competition. It is not about out “vegan-ing” one another. We all join the journey at different times and in different places. What really matters is that we have joined, and that we have opened our eyes to the suffering of so many animals, our planet and our bodies. 89 more words


Bovines, It's Cold Outside

Y’all. It’s real cold. I know, it’s winter so it’s to be expected, but the first cold snap of the year is always the hardest, especially when it’s a true, honest-to-goodness-way-below-zero cold snap. 363 more words

On The Ranch

Down a Country Road

Callie loves nothing better than to go on a car ride and hang her head out the window. As long as you don’t drive too fast, she is able to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors and derives so much pleasure from it. 373 more words