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Lazy Summer Day!

Longhorn calves enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon!

21 Signs You Grew Up In the Country

Currently, I live in the city, and I have for most of my adult life. However, I spent my childhood in the middle of nowhere. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane and put together some things that are unique about living in the country. 330 more words


Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant - Illustrated Chapter Book

When I was small – a long time ago – I was often given books for presents, because everyone knew I loved reading. I also loved illustrations, and I kept my disappointment to myself when a beautiful coloured book cover had only grayscale pictures inside. 338 more words

Oh Vienna


In Portugal the road signs were fairly familiar: they were just applied in surprising ways. Don’t graze your cattle on the motorway, 1,213 more words


Cows are so beautiful <3

Going by them on the river, they talk to you flapping their flooffy ears :D


Cow Fan Club

We are proud to join with the Cow Fan Club. As people who encourage the Cruelty Free and Vegetarian lifestyles. 

Cows are not food, they are supposed to be our friends!