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The Nature of Nature

Imagine a garden hose that has the inner rubber lining thinning and causing the outer wraps of the hose to expand and grow larger than the intended diameter. 238 more words


Before Grocery Stores...

“The first supermarket appeared on the American landscape in 1946.  Until then, where was all the food?… It was in homes, gardens, local fields, and forests.  525 more words


Freezer foraged Tail fillet Lebanese inspired supper.. with the first wild garlic shoots

You know what.. sometimes you just cannot think of what to title these posts.. well tail fillet Lebanese inspired supper.. hmm well that is indeed what it was! 260 more words

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Cows nearly home

We’re in the last leg of this refresh! Dozens of espressos sprinkled with pixie dust, a few naps and millions of CPU cycles have gone into getting us here. 62 more words


The Beyond Burger is Bodacious!

It has been just over a year since I ceased eating meat and I could not be happier. Today in America we slaughter on average 75 cows per minute, 24 hours a day and four times as many pigs. 353 more words


How a New York story about a big bunch of bull ended badly

If there’s one thing the NYPD is used to it is dealing with a whole bunch of bull. But this was different.

According to media accounts… 331 more words

Law And Order