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I had absolutely no intention of writing a blog post today! I had nothing in mind to write about (actually that’s not entirely true, I always have lots to write about) and just thought, “First weekend of the children holidays, I’m going to take a break.” At least that was the plan; that was until we went to an open-afternoon yesterday at a beef-farm nearby for which I had seen the signs on my journey to and from school all week; 874 more words

GA farm life 

I love the farm life. Cows, horses, chickens, etc. I find it easier to get up at 4 am to work on the farm than to get up at the same time to exercise. 56 more words

Dairy Goddess has MOOOO-ved

I was just noticing that so many wonderful visitors come to this blog site address to visit Dairy Goddess but actually my most updated blog address is now accessible via my website…. 210 more words


Waiting till the Cows come Home

There are so many different breeds of cows, black, white, brown and a combination of all these colours.   I particularly like the spotted cows below, a special breed found in Zimbabwe and South Africa called the… 14 more words


Morning Farm Chores

Just to give you an idea of what daily life is like on the farm, I thought I’d write about my chore routine. Of course, depending on what animals we have, what’s going on, and what time of year it is, these chores can change. 1,093 more words


How to make Tools and Armour


The only armour you can make NOT in a mine is leather, but you can’t make tools with leather. You get leather by killing cows… 33 more words


The Criminal Element

In preparation for the arrival of Pygmy goats in early summer I have begun reading up on the topic. I admit to being a compulsive reader-upper and I figure anything with four legs requires more knowledge that things with two. 493 more words