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The dairy industry is dying, and no amount of soy 'juice' lawsuits can save it

Recently I came across a thread on facebook discussing this summer’s news about the EU court of justice deciding to ban companies from using the word ‘milk’ in their marketing of plant-based alternatives to dairy. 539 more words


Any News?

This is what Our John asks of me every evening when he arrives home from work. “Any news?” Our John leaves at 5am and does not get home much before 7pm so there is potential for news. 607 more words


Rangiriri and Morrinsville

It was raining this morning in Auckland but I decided to continue with my plans of a day out in the hope that the weather would improve, thankfully it did. 286 more words


Real-Life Lessons About Farming

For many of us as we get older there is a draw toward a more simple life and getting back to nature, especially once kids come into the picture. 1,985 more words


Sketchbook: Pastureland

Compressed Chalk

Don’t use my art without permission. See disclaimer.


Sketchbook And Drawings

Getting Started with Rotational Grazing

Considering the transition to rotational grazing?  Wondering where exactly to start?  Ruminate on the following tips and words of wisdom for getting started with rotational grazing, shared at an… 328 more words