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A line of cows

Following on from the Crows here are a line of cows on their way back from the dairy. The track runs behind Wheal Alice.


Cowramup - Udderly great!

This teeny weeny town (more like an Irish village – blink and you’ll miss it) will make you smile from ear to ear! You’ll moo-ve with excitement! 103 more words


Glorious Galicia

Day 32 – Triacastela to Sarria

Mood – looking forward
Distance walked – 16.9km
Average Pace – 4.2km/hr
Actual walking time – 4:00:38
Total time taken with stops for food, rest and photos – 5.5hrs… 915 more words


Fly Spray

There’s something I do not like when the weather heats up…..BUGS!!!

I’m not a bug lover of any sort. I understand bugs have their place and play an important part in the ecosystem, and most of the time I can let them be but when it comes to the barn and the animals I prefer to intervene. 575 more words


Everyone has a plan until they are faced with a herd of cows...

Going to try a different style of blogging/fitness diary/log… thing.

The titles are still going to be a pain in the ass to come up with (… except for this week) so for the foreseeable future they will all be entitled “This Week I Did…” and there’ll be a brief summary of my week in fitness! 1,144 more words

Last Calf of the Season

Another Sunday morning calf was had this week. Second and last of the season. Again, a steer who couldn’t have been here for very long before we got out to the barn. 886 more words


Making Hay

Thousands of years ago the domestication of animals completely revolutionized the way humans feed themselves. The discovery and subsequent cultivation of hay assisted this process by supplementing animals’ diets in regions with insufficient vegetation. 273 more words