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Dr Chia's Equilibrant

Two weeks ago I started takingDr Chia’s Equilibrant.  I read that it can sometimes cause a flare-up of symptoms so I didn’t want to take it while I was increasing (or trying to maintain) my hours at work. 204 more words

Life With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Grandmother Diary: Beware Coxsackie Virus!

I received this email from my son Nathan:

Unfortunately we found out this morning that Nakshone and Karen have coxsackie virus infection. It is highly contagious….. 280 more words


Busy September

Sept is almost over and I feel like its been two months since we’ve been at work. It has been so crazy and hectic that we feel exhausted every night. 342 more words

Daily Thoughts

Are You Aware?

Maya is still so sick. She has no energy and is sleeping most of the day and night. She does not get out of bed at all except to use the bathroom. 624 more words


We are finally home. We came home late last night. Maya’s white blood cell count dropped significantly last night. Because this puts her at high risk for infection, her doctor felt it would be best for her to continue to recover at home. 352 more words