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Muskrat, Coypu or something else?

Just swimming in the park nearby my house. Don’t no what it is, muskrat, coypu (riverrat) or something else?


Cities, Eurovision, giant rats

Column Watch – week three. The mood is tense. Somehow it hasn’t been cancelled yet, but this one might do the trick: 

We are flocking to cities. 904 more words

Invasive Species Alert! Coypu River Rat (Nutria) confirmed in Los Banos, California

As some of you may have heard- the Bay-Delta (San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in California) is one of the most invaded estuaries in the world (Cohen and Carlton, 1998). 548 more words

Meeting the "locals"

“There seems to be something blocking the vacuum cleaner,” said dad as he attempted to hoover the carpets in the gite.

My parents are currently over to visit – or should I say, ‘work’. 493 more words



Sorry, it’s a pretty terrible photo but I caught this beast on my phone a few days ago running along a water irrigation channel between paddy fields while on a stroll. 140 more words

Technology, Droughts and Reboots

Technology and the modern way of life can be a fraking nightmare, seriously it does my noggin in. For some reason my email account (Hotmail) has decided that all emails from the solicitor that handled the house sale are now spam, and like an idiot I didn’t let them know that I had changed my telephone number, oops, slight tangent, we’re going back to our Spanish numbers as French telephone companies are robbing bastards, it would cost us 200€ to keep a number alive here but only 20 in Spain, even with the extra charges per minute and per text to use a Spanish phone in France it works out heaps (and I mean heaps) cheaper, plus apparently roaming charges disappear next year so…wtf?¿! 1,536 more words

Big Adventure