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Why You Don't Know What You're Talking About

This article is yet another puff piece on the evils of not believing in Christianity. Light on anything but opinion, it’s old ground. So let’s mine it for just a few talking points: 471 more words


Club Penguin — Penguin Style Catalog October 2016

Club Penguin has released a new Penguin Style Catalog for October 2016 to coincide with the Halloween Party. This is the 10th catalog of this year. 9 more words


Club Penguin — Halloween Party 2016 Walkthrough Part 1

After 6 weeks of the unmanageable Frozen Fever Party. The Halloween Party 2016 has finally started. This is Club Penguin’s 149th party in history, the 7th of this year and the 12th Halloween Party in history. 228 more words


Life Update September 2016

Oh my gosh I’m not gonna lie, I actually have no idea where to start with this post. There has been so much going on lately. 337 more words


My Guest Blog Post for World CP Day!

World CP Day is on October 5. I wrote a guest blog post about the importance of physical fitness for people with cerebral palsy.

Please share! Thanks! <3


Tales from the Indian Coffee House

Today is just one of those days where the clouds have taken over the sun and I feel so relieved because I can sit outside without getting drenched in sweat all thanks to never ending Delhi heat. 734 more words

The Penguin Band will be performing at the Iceberg during this year's Music Jam

A lot of you may remember the Penguin Band performing at the Iceberg during the Music Jam, right? Well, it’s been 84 years 5 years without the performance and they’re finally returning to the Iceberg, according to Megg during her Monday meet-up. 34 more words