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Why Cerebral Palsy?

When I tell people what I do for a living they’re usually inspired or confused, neither reason is my main goal. I educate and advocate for many reasons but inspiration and/or creating confusion aren’t anywhere on the list. 224 more words


2/3 chillis

CP, Karen and Lynda. I had the same as CP and Karen…. Probably the 1st time I cried in a restaurant…😂😳🔥


Petrin Tower


March = Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

For the last few years during the month of March I’ve posted something every day (Monday-Friday) related to CP awareness. I plan on continuing with this tradition, however there will be some previously published (some of it will be updated as well) material thrown in. 153 more words


#10 on top 10

Well done we’ve achieved the #10 rank on the CPAC top 10! This could not have been done without the effort of everyone in the army. 47 more words

Cervical position

Getting to know your cervix

We get quite a few questions from women asking how they can tell if they have a high or low cervix. 891 more words

Health Concerns

Our first ClubPenguin Recruit

After the battle today Taco & I went autotyping and we managed to get someone to sign up. Recruiting now works therefore we have the potential to rise to greater heights. 12 more words