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Atten-hut Foodies!!! @38 BARRACKS

Saavdhaan! The colonel is in town. Though you will be “at-ease or vishraam” with this one! As a kid who grew up in Army cantonments, seeing contingents march all day, dining in the mess, playing in the training grounds and diligently going too see all parades on special occasions, the concept of an army theme restaurant got me curious  and thinking about 38 Barracks. 587 more words


. LONDON : Part II .

Next stop on the day trip to London was the house of architect Sir John Soane (1753-1837). The renowned architect, who’s buildings include the Bank of England and Dulwich Picture Gallery,  first purchased number twelve Lincoln Inn Fields in 1792, and later bought the two houses next to it to create the one huge connecting space that exists today. 476 more words


. LONDON : Part I .

I recently took an impromptu trip to London for a bit of inspiration hunting. After a 6 hour journey on what can only be described as the warmest coach in Britain, my first destination was the innovative Boxpark in Shoreditch. 294 more words


Sometimes, It Hurts.

And so, after painting all the pictures and doing all the puzzles, Isla and I went out.

We’ve paved around the house so we can have races and stuff, so there’s that. 192 more words



Analysis of a challenging yet rewarding project completed last year during my college course. The end result of my project didn’t truly come as a surprise, as I allowed myself to develop organically and freely around my statement of intent from earlier in the year. 345 more words


Foundation Review

a range of maquette’s using grey board, garibaldi biscuits, ceramics, wire and paper

a range of maquette’s using grey board, garibaldi biscuits, ceramics, wire and paper… 577 more words


Venice Architecture Biennale

At the architecture arsenale – ‘visible rays of sunlight are called crepuscular rays, or more poetically, angels’ stairs. the instillation “lightscapes” reproduces this special phenomenon of atmospheric optics and perspective, which we can all observe against the backdrop of a forest or the sky.’ … 415 more words