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How to configure the SSH service to use a unique Diffie-Hellman moduli of 2048 bits or greater

If SSH server allows connections with one or more Diffie-Hellman moduli less than or equal to 1024 bits, then through cryptanalysis, a third party can find the shared secret in a short amount of time, depending on modulus size and attacker resources. 115 more words


cPanel/WHM Autofixer for SSH

The Autofixer is a collection of scripts that you can run from WHM to fix some common issues that are not otherwise fixable or accessible from the command line. 27 more words

cPanel mail quotas wrong?

run this little fella here…

/scripts/generate_maildirsize —confirm —allaccounts —verbose usernamehere

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Whats the difference between shared hosting and VPS?

Advantages of Shared Hosting

It a good option if you have a limited number of blogs and smaller websites as it is easy to maintain. 36 more words

Making cPanel/WHM VPS more secure

Use secure passwords
Insecure passwords are the most common security vulnerability for most servers. If an account password is unsecured and is compromised, client sites can be defaced, infected, or used to spread viruses. 18 more words

How to Install Installatron for Free on a cPanel VPS

Installatron is a one-click application installer. If you use a cPanel VPS, Plesk VPS, or another control panel, application installers like Installatron are extremely convenient for automating installations of software like WordPress, Magento, shopping carts, MediaWiki, forums, and hundreds of other applications. 168 more words


Installing Memcache on cPanel server or VPS to Improve Page Speeds

Memcache is one of several different caching methods available for Apache/PHP web servers. It is designed to speed up websites and web apps, especially those utilizing databases, by caching frequently-accessed data and objects in RAM for quicker access. 198 more words