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Chmod là gì? Cách Chmod như thế nào?

CHMOD là gì ?

Chmod nghĩa là thiết lập quyền (xem, xóa …) trên file hay thư mục. Để phù hợp với cấu hình bảo mật của Hostvn, các bạn nên chmod theo chuẩn 644 với file, 755 với floder. 805 more words


Points to take in to cosideration when choosing a Web Hosting Company

Choosing a bad hosting company can be fatal to your business. Imagine an email is sent to you from an important client that does not deliver to you, or you have to sent an urgent quote and the mail server of your… 594 more words

Control Panel

Find The Best Hosting Suppliers

It is time to alleviate yourself of any worries that have arrived due to the info you read online about the worries dealing with selecting an internet hosting provider. 483 more words

Script to change ownership of /home Cpanel users

Script to change ownership of /home Cpanel users


save the below script to a file “file.sh”. then change permission ‘777’ for that file.


echo -e “Checking ownership of /home/user \n” 49 more words


Cpanel Logs

Applications can log the system activity in two ways, one being according to their autonomous logic & the other through the system’s 
log daemon, well know as syslog.. 1,076 more words

How to reset default SSH port on cPanel servers

How to reset default SSH port on cPanel servers

Did you forget SSH port and try to reset it via WHM, Use the following SSH configuration settings on WHM. 149 more words


APF install

cd /usr/local/src/
wget http://www.rfxnetworks.com/downloads/apf-current.tar.gz
tar -zxvf apf-current.tar.gz; cd apf-*

You will get the following error when you try to restart/start apf every time.

apf(660): {glob} !!DEVELOPMENT MODE ENABLED!! 81 more words