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Resize /tmp partition on cPanel

It’s quite common for a cPanel server to need a larger /tmp partition.

To resize follow these steps:

** Note that this will stop MySQL and will cause service interruption. 69 more words


Identifying IPs with lots of connections and blocking

Identifying IPs with lots of connections

This command will list the IPs currently connected to the server preceded by the number of connections the IP has open: 160 more words


Install DKIM and SPF in cPanel

The following scripts are used to enable DKIM and SPF records


If you wish to add DomainKeys and SPF for all Cpanel users on your server, execute following command. 192 more words


How to find the INODE usage on Linux

“What is Inode?? How to find the INODE usage on Linux”. You know, in Unix/Linux everything is considered as a file. An Inode is a data structure that stores various information about a file. 444 more words


Firewall Blocked

We apologize for any inconvenience caused

So that we may properly diagnose and investigate this issue, please go to URL http://getmeip.com and get me your global IP address to investigate this issue… 40 more words


Steps to change the Document Root (with root access)

ssh root@your-server.com
sudo su – root
Edit the following file:
Important! If you have an SSL certificate on the account, you may need to edit the following file as well. 154 more words


Awesome Attributes of VPS Hosting in India

If you desire to operate your web project or website without hassles of sharing vital server resources with other accounts, then VPS hosting in India is the most affordable option. 628 more words