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Why Organic Search Performance is so essential for every business?

Today, in order to attain excellent results in SEM to be proactive and creative implementing only paid-search activities is not enough. To get into the first paid-search results position is only a tiny step towards the overall success of campaign’s performance. 359 more words

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Tories toss up late campaign hail mary with #BarbaricCulturalPractices

In what can only be described as a late-game campaign “hail mary”, the Conservative Party of Canada announced Friday that a “re-elected Conservative government would enact a number of measures to help the RCMP enforce the recently passed Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and… 434 more words


Win-Win Ways In Washington

PRESIDENT XI JINPING’S visit to the United States delivered as little, in the eyes of the outside world, as had been expected. On that score, it did not disappoint. 402 more words


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Report: International Conference on Applications of Green Productivity Approaches in New and Emerging Industries, September 15-17, 2015, Taipei

The APO conference addressed the role of emerging industries and innovative businesses in driving green growth and sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. It will discuss a variety of pertinent topics in connection with productivity improvement in tandem with environmental, social, and economic achievements. 876 more words

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Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship: Identifying and Commercializing New Opportunities Workshop, August 24-28, 2015, Taipei

As implied by the workshop title, it is about the importance of Innovation in sustaining competitiveness in both the local and global market and thus the need to innovate to stay in business. 882 more words

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Enter the Dragon

The French language debate – a rite in which each leader demonstrates his or her grasp of French and Quebec issues – turned up something interesting. 668 more words


A Canada for all Canadians

And so it begins, during an election, the current government’s last gasp legacy will be the creation of C-24. A two tier justice system and a divided Canada. 696 more words