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What is a Split/Shared Visit?

Last year my mom had a stroke. She was hospitalized for 4 days. She is fine. No residual damage, thank God! But, during her hospitalization, I was privileged to witness a Shared/Split visit.  837 more words

What should I know before enrolling in Medical Coding program?

Thinking about taking a medical coding class? I completed a vocational course in health care administration in 1992, which included medical coding. Since then the industry has changed, new regulations have been implements, and recently technology has invades our profession similarly to how the computer took over the typewriter. 679 more words

Certified Professional Coder Exam

Prayer for Mission Sewing

The Mission Sewing ladies are a crafty and gracious bunch!

These women get together every week to quilt/knit/crochet/sew and then gift all of their crafts to people in need!   109 more words


Prayer for Older Adult Ministries

There is a group of rocking people at CPC, and they call themselves the Older Adult Ministries.  I use “old” and “adult” very loosely.  These are some fun-loving young-at-heart awesome people who love to get together, talk, and eat. 158 more words


The Importance of Quality Score



The following document will address the key components of Quality Score in relation to your Google Adwords campaign and how this score can be improved. 766 more words


Sales Manager (Digital) (2-3 hires)

APPLY: http://www.bullhornreach.com/job/1961897_sales-manager-digital-2-3-hires-toronto-on-canada

($90 – $250K Annually)

Position Summary

The Affiliate Sales Manager’s role is to help build and maintain my clients Affiliate Network. This position is responsible for both helping optimize the success of an existing portfolio of affiliates and sourcing new affiliates to the network, all with the goal of scaling the growth and market presence. 264 more words


Prayer for Jim T.

There are many people who volunteer at CPC.  But there is one man who is faithfully at church week in and week out who literally stands behind the scenes.   174 more words