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Build an AM Radio Transmitter from a CPLD

has been playing around with the CPLD-like parts of a PSoC. Which is to say, he’s been implementing simple logic functions “in hardware” in software. And after… 277 more words


Programmable Logic: Build Yourself a CPLD Module

A Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) is a great piece of hardware to have in your repertoire. As its name implies, you can program these chips to serve the logic functions you need. 1,764 more words

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Hackaday Prize Entry: An Open Source Graphics Card

For last year’s Hackaday Prize, tried to build a video card for microcontrollers and headless Linux systems. It was only 640×480 resolution VGA, but the entire project was designed around a CPLD communicating with a microcontroller over SPI. 210 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Hackaday Prize Entry: Very, Very Small Logic

Despite the existence of FPGAs and CPLDs, there’s still a necessity for very small programmable logic devices. GALs, PALs, and other old tech just won’t cut it, though, and so we are left with a new generation of programmable devices that aren’t microcontrollers or CPUs. 219 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Programmable Logic

I’ve been interested in programmable logic for a while now. Recently, I bought a couple of cheap dev boards; One Altera MAX II EPM240 (available on ebay for less than $10AU delivered to Australia); 507 more words


New Part Day: Modern PALs

Back in the bad old days, if you needed a little bit of custom logic you would whip out a tiny chip known as a PAL. 259 more words

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CPLD Fun - SPI Master data transmitter

So today, I had my first lecture on VHDL. I’m not a massive fan of learning to code through lectures without doing but we have labs on it later in the year. 415 more words

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