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May/June Issue of LawNow: The Law and Canada's Indigenous Peoples

Featured Articles: The Law and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

The Inuit live in Canada, Greenland, Russia, Denmark, and Alaska. They are a proud Indigenous people who have been living in the Arctic since time immemorial. 134 more words


Can my boss do that?

CPLEA talked to young people from Alberta’s multicultural communities and the service providers that work with them. We asked them what they wanted to know about Employment law. 105 more words


Bench Press: Consent is a Matter of Life and Death

The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently ruled on a case involving an Alzheimer’s patient and her ability to give consent. It looked at a number of questions that will be raised as Canadians come to grips with the recent Carter decision of the Supreme Court of Canada ( 301 more words


Bench Press: The Charter Protects Proms

Two graduating high school students in Ontario launched a Charter challenge to their school principal’s decision to have a mandatory breathalyser test at their prom. They argued that the mandatory test was a violation of their s. 174 more words


Bench Press: Spoiled Sperm

The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently upheld a trial judge’s decision that human sperm is property. The case involved a B.C. man who was a representative for a class action of 400 plaintiffs who had stored their sperm with a laboratory at the University of British Columbia prior to undergoing treatment for cancer. 277 more words


Bench Press: A Will Against Public Policy

Law students are taught in Wills and Estates law that a Will can be set aside as being against public policy, but rarely does this possibility become a reality. 236 more words


Mar/Apr Issue of LawNow: Vulnerable Children

Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children

All children are vulnerable; we know that. But some children face greater challenges than others, and the law can help these especially vulnerable little ones. 186 more words