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Letters: CPP — 'Just another form of government redistribution'

Re: No More CPP, Voluntary Or Not, Andrew Coyne, May 28.

With all the ballyhooing and braying over the CPP in recent days by various talking heads and pundits, there is one large and looming oversight that is never addressed: the CPP is not a true pension plan, as its title would indicate, but yet another redistribution scheme. 1,228 more words


Possible options for higher Canadian Pension Plan contributions

OTTAWA – The debate over retirement and the role of the Canada Pension Plan is in full swing on Parliament Hill. Here’s a quick look at what the possibilities could mean for you: 500 more words


[TIP] Renaming C++ Classes without breaking your project

Ever wondered how to rename your C++ classes that you already use in your project? For example, you have a C++ class called MyAwesomeClass and in your Content Browser you created a Blueprint extending from this class and added some important logic. 128 more words

Unreal Engine 4

Andrew Coyne: Whether voluntary or mandatory, there is no need to expand the CPP

If you’re just joining us, the Conservatives are now, as of this Tuesday, formally in favour of a voluntary expansion of the Canada Pension Plan, having earlier been opposed. 996 more words

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