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OpenGL spotlight

Arkwood plucked a dead slug from his pocket.

‘Why is there a dead slug in your pocket?’ I asked him.

He looked at me, baffled, and then replied, ‘Why, to remind me that tonight I must cut my toenails.’ 283 more words



Hi, this page will show up solutions to latest codechef contests.


OpenGL point light

I told Arkwood that I had added a point light to my virtual room.

‘Put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset,’ I said, ‘and see how the wooden containers closer to the light are much brighter.’ 220 more words


Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy this compilation of portraits of some of the moms
we’ve had the privilege of photographing in recent years!
Have a wonderful day!


Tip #1 : Customize Sublime

Hey there ! It’s been a while since I posted something. I was trying to setup Sublime editor for my work at home. Thought I will share this tip that may be useful¬†to you guys. 196 more words


build gede

build gede on Ubuntu 16.04 xenial with Qt5.8

Install qt-unified-linux-x64-2.0.5-2-online.run
Download gede-2.0.3.tar.xz from http://acidron.com/gede/pmwiki.php?n=Downloads.Releases
tar xf gede-2.0.3.tar.xz
cd ~/oss/gede-2.0.3/src
Info: creating stash file ~/oss/gede-2.0.3/src/.qmake.stash
~/oss/gede-2.0.3/src$ make


Build tea editor

Build tea on macOS sierra

Install qt5: brew install qt5
download tea source code from https://github.com/psemiletov/tea-qt
unzip ~/Downloads/tea-qt-master.zip
cd tea-qt-master
cp -r bin/tea.app /Applications… 53 more words

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