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Want to retire at 65? Here’s how much you need to save

With the Feb. 29 deadline for RRSP contributions fast approaching, retirement is on the minds of many Canadians who are thinking about their financial futures. 531 more words


Subsequences and Fenwick tree's

Let’s say that we have a sequence A of 1<=n<=10^5 elements, and that this sequence may or may not be ordered but all the numbers… 1,533 more words


Ontario pension plan should be illegal

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is supposed to provide retirement for those who can’t, since the Canada Pension Plan pays so little, she claimed. 238 more words


CRTP static interfaces with multiple inheritance levels


This post explains how one can define multiple inheritance levels for the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP). CRTP can be used to define a “static interface”, which is a missing feature of C++. 1,951 more words


Command-line options for Google Test program

Google Test can be used to write unit tests for C++ programs. Some of the useful command-line options and flags available to such a program are: 40 more words

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Buzz Marketing

Buzz Marketing has become a new and important way to get consumers aware of the brand but also excited with its unconventional ways of advertising. Buzz marketing itself is a general category for 3 styles of marketing including: Buzz marketing, Guerrilla marketing, and Viral marketing. 930 more words