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Top 10 bugs in C++ open source projects, checked in 2016

While the world is discussing the 89th Ceremony of Oscar award and charts of actors and costumes, we’ve decided to write a review article about the IT-sphere. 1,498 more words


OpenGL point light in motion

Arkwood flopped the book open and announced, ‘Functionalism is king. Our entire existence is simply a configuration of the brain. A complex one, granted – at least to us mere mortals. 248 more words


The Matrix in VR

Glass. You can see through glass. Some glass. Arkwood saw through mine and rapped on the pane. Damn, what a pain! I should have pulled the curtains. 213 more words


OpenGL emission map

Arkwood pursed his lips and said, ‘I just find it all so… unsavoury.’

What the hell! This coming from such a monstrous deviant, the like of which mankind has never before witnessed. 380 more words


The real difference between struct and class

“Should I use a struct or a class?”

Such is the question many C++ programmers ask themselves, or ask around to more experienced co-workers, when designing their code. 1,003 more words


Heatwave in the #LAND

It’s not official just yet, but it definitely feels like a heatwave in the CLE!

Keep safe and enjoy the balmy weather by keep the below tips in mind:

Cleveland Public Power