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Philippine Maoists Edge Closer to Allying with Duterte

A little while ago I produced a video showing that the Communist Party of the Philippines was trying to make an alliance with the Mayor of  Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte. 140 more words


Transforming Files from Tab-delimited to Comma-delimited

This week I was tasked with creating several thousand Career/Program/Plan records (CPP for short) to support enrollment conversion. For those not familiar with PeopleSoft terminology, CPP data is the foundation of a student’s academic record. 561 more words


Hello, World C++

I tried to compile it with gcc and got the error “undefined reference to `std::cout'”

I retried with g++ and got the object file generated. 11 more words


Seniors deserve same benefits as aboriginals

Seniors outnumber Indians. Maybe the government will resolve their grievances sooner if they block the Trans Canada Highway or the CN Rail lines.

When reporters ask the protesting seniors what they want, the seniors can answer, “Same as the aboriginals have been getting for years.” Free dental, free eye care, free prescriptions, free secondary education, free transportation, no tax on gas, no income tax, no tax on vehicles, free housing and many other things, paid for by the taxpayer. 77 more words


ManualResetEvent for C++

I have the luxury of working in a development house where I’m not stuck to one technology stack. And soon after the C# ManualResetEvent and the Java ManualResetEvent equivalent I had to get busy with one for C++. 684 more words


Virtual Congress...Almost Like Being There But Without Having to Leave Your Office

Every year the American Payroll Association holds its annual Congress.  Workshops, speakers, exhibit halls all loaded with gads and gads of payroll related topics and products.  358 more words

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