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Part 4. Creating the 64-bit configuration


The first thing you should do, is to make sure that the Visual Studio edition you are using allows building of 64-bit code. The latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio contains everything you need to develop 64-bit applications. 332 more words


P#1 Wybieram język

Zgaduję, że kilka małych programików, napisanych na zaliczenie na studiach nie znaczy jeszcze, że w przyszłości na pewno zostanę programistą. Nie znaczy nawet, że posiadam cechy, które mogą mi w tym pomóc. 421 more words


D.C. Appeals Court Hears Clean Power Plan Arguments

While the Hillary v. Donald Rumble on Monday night garnered all the media attention, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard a far more substantive discussion the following morning. 553 more words


Part 3. Porting code to 64-bit systems. Pros and cons

You should begin studying 64-bit systems with the question “How much rational it will be to recompile a project for a 64-bit system?”. You must answer this question but take your time and think it over. 1,029 more words


Two's complement in C++

Two’s complement is the most common way to represent signed numbers. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two%27s_complement . The following is a simple implementation in C++.

#include <iostream>

template<int N>
int to_twos_complement(int x) {
    return (~x + 1) & ((1<<N)-1);

template<int N>
int from_twos_complement(int x) {
    return (x & (1<<(N-1))) ? 54 more words


I fail miserably at staying in touch with anyone. That is a fact. 266 more words

Cal Poly Pomona

Add OpenGL Texture to Rift SDK

In my last post, I installed the Oculus Rift PC SDK and used OpenGL to render a triangle into a virtual world. The virtual world in question is the SDK’s OculusRoomTiny(GL) Visual Studio project. 628 more words